eBay’s falling traffic, sales and just about everything else

While trying to find some articles, graphs and other nice things that could backup my theory on eBay’s falling number of sales/sellers I came across a number of articles, some a few years old some written this month which show that eBay has had falling visitors (buyers & sellers?), lower online traffic, sales slowing down and a lack of confidence in general of eBay. The fact some of these articles date back to 2008/9 to today (found some that were even this week) shows this problem is not new and only getting worse.

Or not … it does not really matter… eBay don’t care.

Sources : 

This one was particular interesting :


It covers the eBay algorithm, search, visibility being messed about with and “best match”


  1. www.bloomberg.com/quote/EBAY:US

    Try the 1M or 1Y tab. Profits were increasing until this year. Now they have “levelled out”.

    This past month they have been going down. Its dropped from $55 to $50 overall this past month. It will fluctuate of course. Though I hope it will keep going down *evil grin*

    1. Judging but that small sample of articles I found in a quick Google search, it must be a much bigger problem, there just going to run eBay into the ground and when it does go I guess will leave a economic wreck behind, some people depend on the sales its there job, I suggest they start looking into something else right now before its too late.

      I wonder how many of eBay’s policy’s and inability to listen have ruined people and business over the last few years?

      Its quite hard to find good information on Google about eBay problems, you always hit eBay’s own pages for some odd reason, its like they just spammed the search to death to drown out others.

  2. “New search looking for new items”. That does tally with my findings also. I was in “best match wars” with so many other sellers. It was very hard to stay up top.

    I found the past sales date was the main thing to get up top. Though I started to see sellers end and re-list items over and over. I didn’t get why as this would have been really bad.

    Though more to the point, I listed a item on a new private account, and it appeared 2nd in the best match list. So in that respect, ebays private sellers are being in favour over business sellers. In anycase, yet again, the main sellers get screwed over.

    I saw a huge drop in sales this year also. Though Some was down to competition. Even so, other sellers sales dropped from 100’s a week to almost nothing. Which just resulted in price wars to get the few sales there actually was. Over the past 6 months half the sellers have since vanished. The sales that were there I think the best part of them were faked to try and get in the best match results. So The problem in sales traffic is probably a lot more problematic than people think.

    I just assume, they think that giving best match results to new listed items which are probably new sellers, which ebay desperately need.

    1. “eBay celebrated this month Sept it’s 100 Millionth Download of it’s eBay app! That is a HUGE opportunity for those whose listings are mobile-friendly”

      That just contributes to the “NAD” cases. You cant see the images, my phone cannot even show the descriptions in a lot of listings. I think this is one of the main causes of the endless disputes over NAD cases, simply as buyers are too lazy to look on a pc to read the info. All they get is the title line, and either best match or lowest price first.

      I did a test between 2 accounts, A really fancy listing with all the trimmings and a listing with just a few worlds. Wasn’t any difference between sales at all. It just goes to show that taking the time to list everything in detail is a total waste of time.

      I even put it to the test last year, offered a “buy one get one free” listing. all they had to do was quote a number listed on the description page. Listing was up a few weeks, lots and lots of sales. No surprise nobody quoted the code or even asked about it. It was a £25 item aswell. So they would have got £50 worth of goods!!

      Ebay just gets more and more amazing all the time.

      1. “I even put it to the test last year, offered a “buy one get one free” listing. all they had to do was quote a number listed on the description page. ”

        I am really shocked at that, considering how hungry for anything free eBay users have become.

        I too tried that listing looking like crap one Christmas I actually sold more (maybe because I had got more up?), I did it because I did not have time to sit there resizing pictures, uploading the templates editing them etc. just a picture and some text, shows no one reads the description until after they have the item and theirs a problem, this must be hell for people who sell broken items off for repair.

  3. Its true people want everything for free and will go to such lengths other than quote a code to get a free item. It just proves beyond any doubt that people do not read a single line.

    Its not worth investing the time in doing a posh listing. I estimate with my sales its probably less than 1 person in 100 that actually read what they are buying. Then when it is not what they expected, they moan. Even if the listing shows 100% correct info, people will just get pissed off and just moan and moan about nothing and pure fiction. It never ends.

    I even tried images too, strange thing is, nobody seems to look at them either. I even had the promo thing in my images at one time, and still nobody took advantage of it. I have tried rubbish images, really good ones, I would be inclined to think posh images do work better, but I have not really seen much evidence towards that.

    I think mobile and “ebay’s app” is to blame for a lot of problems. Great to increase sales, but other than that, its total chaos. As to why people buy so many things totally blind is beyond me. Then the sellers get the blame for NAD issues, ebay blame us and tell us to improve. You just go around in circles of “cannot win”.

    What was the infamous quote from “War Games”, “The only way to win, is to not play”.

    1. Love that film lol

      When I had to buy something from eBay I would read the listing quite a few times, with money being tight I had to sure it was what I wanted. I used to spend ages resizing pictures and optimizing them (aimed for under 50k a pic at one time) so people could see them properly threw what ever method they used, eventually though I noticed everyone using stock pictures so I did too what effect did this have? oddly I think I got more sales with a stock photo, it also seemed to have no effect on the buyers ability’s to moan they would anyhow regardless what ever I did.

      Before the advent of cheap digital cameras I would use a scanner which was not easy at all lol

      I don’t get this whole mobile thing, it’s awkward, messy, slow, you can’t see anything, you cant type properly I think I will stick to the computer.

  4. I always read the listing and the terms of sale etc, not like anything you write means anything at all when you are bound by distant selling regulations.

    Money is tight yes, you have to be careful to make sure what you buy is actually what you want to buy. Though most don’t. Its common sense to read what you are buying, though the this basic concept escapes a vast amount of buyers.

    Go sell a few rolls of sticky tape, write in the listing something like “you agree to sell your sole & murder 10 people upon checkout” and see how many people will buy it lol

    Now my shop is closed, I do not need to buy anything. I was spending thousands each each on ebay. Though now my shop is closed, I no longer need to buy boxes, jiffy bags, sticky tape and all the rest of it.

    It just confirms what I said before about scams, I can have several packages arrive each day no problems, and yet selling a couple items a week and 50% of them go missing. The figures do not add up..

    In anycase, I use my PC for everything, Ebay lost a good seller and a good buyer when I left.

    1. If I really, really, REALLY have to buy on eBay and there is no other choice for what I want I tend to look for a smaller seller with the item, one who is not top rated etc. as I found I tend to get better service and better value from those kind of sellers, shame that eventually eBay may turn them too.

      Most of the time I use eBay as a keyword tool/image tool then go and find that item somewhere else because 90% of the time its cheaper on Amazon, Play or even in a high street shop and I even don’t mind paying a bit more if I have to avoid eBay/PayPal.

  5. I agree too, I used to buy memory cards from ebay, but with the postage prices now, its cheaper to buy them in the supermarkets. Plus there isn’t much of a risk that its a fake item.

    If I want a few pc bits, I just build up a small order and order online outside of ebay. The only problem there is, I have fallen out with most of the online shops lol While we can blame the buyers a lot, sellers and shops are a problem too. Ironic thing is, I ended up buying stuff from ebay as I ran out of places to order stuff from. Though I think its a big seller with his own website, so I will just order via that in future anyway.

    I brought most of my PC bits and My Girlfriends PC bits from the same seller on ebay. Never had a problem with them, even though some seem to complain a lot, though you have to take comments with a pinch of salt anyway. I wont buy via ebay again, I will buy direct. Though ebay owning paypal, they still will get fees, just not as much.

    I have not had to return anything or ask for support yet, which is where things normally fall apart. Though after years of shops sending me faulty goods, goods not packed correctly and not sending the stuff, oh also, sending the wrong stuff! The guy I have been using packs stuff really well, I got the bits which are correct and they work, so I tend to deal with people who get things right.

    It depends what you buy overall. I buy electronics related items, but you can goto cpc for that. I will shop around for some stuff, but it tends to be the supermarkets or argos. Anything I cant find, its when I start turning to ebay, which is a lot of the time. I will probably use ebay to find the stuff I want and just look to see who has a website selling the stuff, and buy that way. There was shops out there before ebay and we all managed back then! in the good old days lol

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