1. A good read.

    Sellers got fed-up in back 2006 ? 2013 now.. how bad are things now…

    The part about giving good customer support, well yes, but you cant give endless support for cheap 99p items. I have spent so much time on support, not only replying to messages, emails, sending emails out, programming who website help systems for people.

    It makes you soon realise on where you draw the line on how much support you give based on the price of the item. Spend a few moments sending several emails, over several people, and the best part of your day can be gone. All you have to show is a few pence of profit and a huge ebay bill at the end of the month.

    Ebay is the best place to advertise goods, but unfortunately the worst place too sell them. You can list items on ebay for a month for 10p. On Google you have to pay like £1 and up for a small 2 line advert box. A few clicks a day on that with no sales and you soon ramp up a huge bill. So its just not viable. There isn’t much else to advertise goods on the internet, Ebay has the monopoly. Vast user base and cheap prices.

    I doubt she will be the last seller standing on ebay. A few thousand emails of abuse and INR’s and you would have to hire more and more staff to keep up with it all. At which point you end up sending out more goods or refunding. Overall, in the end, its costs you money and the only choices are to close shop or sink more and more into dept loosing money over it all.

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