Evidence of PayPal chargeback admin fees

Finally found one in the wild, its not if you get it, its when. PayPal seem to be charging some kind of admin/investigation fee on people who get charge backs (credit/debit card reversals via the bank/card issuer), so much for the “seller protection” PayPal in this case are claiming they have been charged a fee from the card issuer, now we don’t know how much that is and you can be sure PayPal won’t say but you can bet there profiting off it.

ebay payapal chargeback credit card fee snad
PayPal chargeback admin fee?

Click the pic for the high res version.


  1. pretty normal day with ebay, loose $25 to sell a $5 item. Oh and plus I bet the item was not returned either, so would cost $25 to in effect bin a item.

    1. Yeah, it mentions that he should arrange collection/return of the item with the buyer himself directly lol as if thats’ going to work. It’s gone, the seller protection failing yet again and PayPal washing there hands of it.

  2. I can’t believe they inform you to ask for your merchandise back from the buyer when the transaction was unauthorized to begin with. Wtf is wrong with PayPal? They’ll laugh at you thinking you’re getting your shit back anytime soon after they snatched your $20.

    Did you know chargeback admin fees applies to donations too!? WOW!

    Regardless, what gets me so pissed off is how WE (the seller) are responsible when someone decides to report their transaction as unauthorized. How the F@$% ARE WE SUPPOSE TO CONTROL WHO TO COMMITS CC FRAUD?! Unbelievable.

    1. Totally agree with all that, how are we meant to know somethings about to break out in a scam, we can’t. The so called “seller protection” is worthless. I can’t figure out how PayPal manage to stay in business so many laws broken and bent to there will when/if they want.

      I had the same with eBay before “attracting a high number of none-payers” now how am I meant to know that and further more who’s fault is it for letting them get away with it?

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