Example of eBay buyer behavior (does not end as you would expect)

A strange example of eBay buyer behavior this, buyer buys a cable it gets lost in the post, the seller has the tracking info and all is true, seller refunds the buyer, now the buyer does not know what kind of feedback to leave and says they know it was not the sellers fault. Now if only the other 9/10 idiots who lurk on eBay would take note of this, the post is beyond the control of the seller!

ebay lost in post dispute feedback
Really that needs a whole site to itself…

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What sort of feedback do I leave in this situation?

I purchased a small cable at the beginning of the month. The seller shipped promptly but it got lost in shipping (clearly true given tracking data) so I opened a case and the seller offered a resend or refund. I’ve asked for a refund.

And so I’m unsure what feedback to leave. The seller was as helpful and honest as I could ever want in the given situation but, at the same time, I ended up not receiving my item nearly a month later through no fault of the seller. So, when I’m leaving feedback, do I leave it based on the seller’s promptness and willingness to fix the problem (which would be positive), or on the overall transaction? (which would be neutral)

I’d hate to leave a subpar feedback for someone who appears to be a good and honest seller but I’m unsure if leaving feedback on an item I never received is appropriate. Hell, do I even leave feedback at all?

Edit: Positive feedback touting great customer service it is, thanks guys!

Sane comments for once :

Feedback is representative of how the seller handled the transaction. Since the delay wasn’t the seller’s fault, and you were happy with how they responded, I think a positive is in order.

Think of it this way, how would other sellers act in a similar situation? A mediocre seller might give you the run around and delay a refund. A bad seller might flat out refuse to work with you. Having someone promptly working with you when a problem arises is about the best you can ask for.


I would leave feedback based on the seller just offering great customer service. Remember, the seller will get future business based in part about what you choose or choose not to say about him. So if you’re going to leave feedback, let the world know he was responsive, great to work with and took care of you. He made your experience positive, leave him something positive in return.


Why on earth would you consider leaving anything but good feedback when you are completely satisfied with how the seller handled the situation?

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