Example of eBay buyer behavior (Shipping costs)

Here is a quick example of the current state of mind of eBay buyers. Now take into account they know the cost of shipping BEFORE they bid on a item surely they have no grounds to moan after. There are some eBay rules about leaving negatives about shipping costs they don’t agree with AFTER they actually buy something, but eBay do not enforce them at all (whats new). This ones good because its a outright threat.

ebay buyer threatens bad negative feedback over shipping costs
Lets see eBay do nothing about this.

The rule : (pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/feedback-extortion.html)

“Buyer feels the postage & packaging (P&P) costs are too high and says they will leave negative Feedback or low DSRs unless the seller lowers the P&P costs.”


  1. Same old BS with ebay, I am still waiting for feedback to be removed from about 8 years ago.

    I have sold the same item in the past, like everyone else, dump the shipping charge onto the item price. one guy brought a item from me, then wanted to buy another item, then saw the free postage one, then complained as he had been ripped off paying postage first time before.

    Thing is, the free post item was exactly the amount more that the postage was. so the price is say 2 quid more and yet they do not notice that, just free postage or not free postage. Its like 1cm away from the item price, how can people NOT see there’s a difference ?

    Such people do my head in, then you have to “educate them” on what “tricks” of selling on ebay, its a waste of time trying to explain things. Its clear for everyone to see, if people cant add postage cost onto item price and under stand what “free postage” is, then its a sorry world we live in for sure.

    1. LoL been there :p

      I factor in the postage cost into the total if I want to pay £20 for something then I add the shipping in to the total cost, you can’t really bid on something and then moan AFTER I mean you knew it upfront.

      As for adding the postage onto the final price we can see who really benefits from that can’t we? (final value fee goes up!)

      1. yeah, people moan and the only fix seems to make ebay more money all the time. Happens with just about everything, however you look at it “fixes” cost the sellers money, which all comes from ebay not enforcing their own rules. Which results in ebay making more money. Though on the other hand, its only a short time fix, ebay dont make any more at all out of me anymore.

        It was costing me over £100 a month in fees, plus all the time with disputes was a full time job alone. On top of that all the things I had to resend due to “lost packages”.

        That was another thing too, Even though its was a violation of ebay policy, I gave people a choice, they pay for tracking and if it gets lost i will resend the item for free, or if they are cheap bastards they dont pay it and tough titties if it gets lost. Though nobody every paid for tracking and most of them “got lost”.

        I did sell some items on another account for a month, all went signed for, and not 1 dispute over lost packages, strange isn’t it ? Did not stop people with the NAD crap and the rest, but 20% of buyer’s were trouble back then.. its only going up..

        I used to spend a lot of time helping people out, but most people will not even help themselves, so whats the point ? Its like if someone moaned they had a headache, and you told them to take a pill for it, they wouldn’t, in fact they would go out of their way to do everything BUT what you tell them.

        I know fully well taking a pill will do the job (ok 99% of the time) but they won’t listen or take notice or anything, just moan and moan. So the later days I just did not bother. I just can’t deal with the mentality of people like that, and ebays full of um!

        1. My anti-dispute method involved using some PoundLand sticker sheets, a bar code maker and a loaf of Tesco’s bread… when I put that on packages with the terms “ASSET NUMBER” disputes dropped down to 1, 2 a month form 20-30 I was sometimes hitting.

          It shows there’s a super high % of people oddly in certain categories more than others who seem to be planing there scams.

          New user agreement came out today wonder what craps in it.

          I’m sure if you looked hard enough you could find a forum/blog or some kind of site setup to help guide you threw robbing off eBay.

          1. I wish I had thought of that idea some years ago!

            The new terms is same old BS, just strangling the sellers some more, nothing new. I don’t sell on ebay anymore, so I am not going to spend days in figuring out all the new BS terms of the month.

            After reading the same old recycled BS for years, its pointless in reading it anyway. Everyone got excited for the new seller protection a couple years ago, ebay made it sound like they were actually going to do something, alas, nothing happened at all, still same problems year after year. They not done anything about problems from years ago yet, and problems are on the constant increase.

            It really amazes me how such a bad company can stay in business for so long. I guess the only thing they are good at is ripping off the sellers.

  2. I thought I was the only one doing such a desperate thing, but when I Googled it recently I found quite a few other people resorted to the method or very similar because :

    (1) constant questionable lost items
    (2) Royal Mails ever increasing prices

    Which points me to the question if X amount of people are resorting to such measures whats really happening?

    To be fair the £1 for the 10 sheets of glossy sticker paper was well worth it, get quite a few labels per sheet, not sure on the legalities of it mind, I guess you could play it off as a internal item tracking/stock number or something which just happens to scare people enough not to do stupid stuff 😉

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