Facebook – Users buy/sell/trade groups

Facebook seems to be gathering up more and more people who are setting up local classified style advert groups, I have managed to buy loads of stuff in the last few months MUCH cheaper than eBay, quicker, safer and a much nicer experience also its all local so you get to meet real people and have that face to face experience. I recommend a look for a group in or near your local town/city. The groups have real people and real bargains, unlike eBay’s mass of traders peddling tat from China that takes weeks to arrive…


  1. I used to pay to advertise on FB. They banned me off there for for poking too many people, there was also other similar stupid reasons. Its mad how they banned me considering I was PAYING them to advertise on there. I noticed not long after adverts would only show up in IE8, no other browser would show adverts. Took them over 6 months to fix the problem. Wonder how much revenue they lost during that time ? I did point it out to them several times. Falls on deaf ears like most of the big companies out there.

  2. I have heard a few complaints about this Facebook advertising, I stayed away from Facebook from day 1 them kind of sites are a bit too much for me.

    Fiverr and the likes was a good place to buy Facebook pages, likes, and other services I remember seeing them on there alot, never really got into it.

  3. I use FB very little now, I used to play games etc, add too many people = ban, best part in their terms they can ban you for “any or no reason”. I don’t know why they bother having such long terms , just stick to that line and it covers it all really. I have been victim to it several times over the years. I would never give facebook any money again that’s for sure.

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