flooting.com – Find new homes for things your done with (eBay alternative)

flooting.com – Was made aware of this site this morning via a message. It’s a eBay alternative which is working in London at the moment but will be expanding world wide soon. A different approach to payments is the use of a points system in place of money so no more payment processor issues (PayPal begone!). I am not sure how the points thing works exactly but its a start. The site basically bills itself as a clear out your house kind of thing, just normal people trading things like how eBay started out before it got ruined anyway take a look.




  1. Hi, We’ve launched a site called Flooting (only in London for the moment but expanding to the US and all of the UK soon). Flooting is aiming for the non professional seller who just wants to clear unwanted stuff from their homes. For these people, eBay (and Freecycle for that matter) are just too much hassle for the money.

    Flooting has been designed to make listing super easy, and if items are popular we give points to the lister (the more popular an items is, the more points we give). Listers can use these points to get the stuff they want. This means there are no paypal hassles, and things are very easy.

    Right now, there are two competitions on Flooting to win a Nexus 7. The first 1000 people to list something go into a draw to win a Nexus 7, and the first person to earn 1000 points by listing stuff or inviting people (or both) wins a Nexus 7.

    Feel free to contact me if you want more information.

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