For eBays eyes only, you only scam twice (min requirement that)

Found this post, seems a buyer was trying to plot some kind of scam and was caught out mid scam, seems simply enough thought just demanding a refund without returning the item… fairly typical eBay behavior, if its true they follow through with the return if its not well then… the item in question a Nintendo James Bond game that’s barely worth a few £… theirs some weirdness involving 3 names which I don’t understand also in this.

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More chance of that thing working than a eBay dispute

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(There’s more than meets the eye) I sold Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 through ebay. Before sending it I checked if it was working, and it was. Reciever tells me it is not operating.

So, as the title suggests, that happened. But before even shipping the item I noticed something was wrong. The order from ebay and payment from paypal came as one name, and yet the name to who it was going to be shipped to was different. I sent him two messages asking him to explain, yet he (the name on the shipping label was fully different in both first and last name) refused to respond to both messages and now sends me this: “So the 007 game does not work. And I want a full refund including my shipping cost.”
What can I do? I already asked him to please show evidence that the game is not working since I checked and it was, but I don’t think he’ll respond since he didn’t respond to my first two messages listed above. Someone please help. And yes, I’m aware this isn’t a place to seek legal advice- I just need some ideas on what to do.

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Tell them you checked it, and if they want a refund they need to send it back. If they send it back and it doesn’t work, then they’ll get the full refund.

My guess is they will never do this, because it messes up their whole scam

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