Frequency of “free listings”

I was thinking about, how often over the last 2yr’s there have been free listing weekends, with them increasing in number at a rapid rate, some 2/3 times a month, sometimes every other week, compared to how it used to be 2/3 times a year if you was lucky. Now think about why there are so many, and think why are they so often? what is happening to make eBay literally throw a 100 auctions a weekend at people? is it to cover something deeper up?

ebay sales numbers falling sellers leaving
Clueless as usual

I found a tiny bit of info that has listed the promotions as far back as 1999. Even by just looking at the chart notice the gaps between the free listings keeps getting smaller and smaller, somewhere around 2008 they stopped filling in all of the chart, maybe because they would not be enough room with the all offers being thrown out by eBay. 2008 it seems is also regarded as the year things really started to fall to bits at eBay.

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I also found this interesting “invitation promotions” and not just for a 100 items we talking 1000’s, 40,000 was mentioned and 800,000 (July 2013)

eBay suddenly have the need to go begging?


  1. I think they were trying to get more sellers started a few months back. On one of my accounts I had free listing weekends every week or 2, but they always came after I had actually listed items. So I could never take advantage of it.

    I have not had one for a few months now. I think ebay changed their minds into getting rid of the smaller sellers. Going by “ebay now” its a large business game, the days of selling a odd item under auction are long since gone. ebay just seem to want to be a big player in the selling front.

    Ebay have simply moved away from what made them the once great auction site. Seems like its just heading towards “your local ebay shop” in the high-street kinda thing. Assume sellers would end up having to keep stock in this “shop” and ebay charge to deliver it. Oh wait, isn’t that “argos” ?…. Well just with “ebay sellers” renting shop space maybe ? In any case, seems like ebay are rolling backwards.

    Delivery networks are not easy. Ebay will find that out eventually, well probably not, let um go bankrupt trying.. By which time other auction sites will have become established.

  2. Is it my memory playing up or did eBay at one time trial some kind of shop/store front type setup years ago? or at least think about, I seem to recall a Apple like store with eBay branding being pictured?

    I think there may also be another alternative meaning to the free listings… those people will be buying stuff too, maybe they could be using that as a bait to lure people in and then direct them to sales from stores, I mean look at the ads all over the place, the pushing they do they.

    I was reading last night and seen it mentioned in various places there seems to be a number of favorite eBay sellers (Diamond level?) that eBay seems to push and do favors for, people mentioned this, but I can’t seem to find no hard evidence on it, but the way eBay behaves would it be that hard to believe?

  3. I cant see ebay doing favors, they would be doing my a favor if they closed my account but they never do! They do not have the staff to monitor anything which is going on at all good or bad.

  4. Items on another account I was listing items on…. ended the items last week, not surprise that after weeks of no “free listing days” that since I have not listed anything for a week or logged in, that now I have a free listing day. Well thanks but no thanks!

    I am never listing anything on ebay again , and that includes even if its for free. Even if they paid me the 40p each time I wouldn’t do it. Too many scams and clueless abusive buyers for my liking. Why would I ever go back to any of that ? well I won’t. Its only getting worse, so let ebay get on with it!

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