General comments from eBay users

Another few comments from various places from various users of eBay that once again don’t paint the wonderful picture eBay would like us to see. The usual suspects none paying bidders, masses of Chinese wholesale crap and general poor service.

ebay broken none paying bidders scammers paypal chargeback
There’s a old saying about a broken looking glass… I can’t remember it right now though :p


this is whats wrong with ebay …

am i wrong to think that when i go to ebay i want to look at another individual just like my self trying to sell his unwanted goods/crap? Everytime i search the site some reseller/wholesaler trying to sell his stuff at retail price. Whats the point of buying through ebay? rather just purchase from amazon.
When i first got into ebay, around 98 it was great it was like a giant swap meet / yard sale.


Can I simply cancel a transaction after 7 days of nonpayment from buyer?

I’m a new seller. I had a buyer purchase an item with the BIN option and has not paid in one week. I sent him an invoice 3 days ago and an email today. I was thinking of just canceling the transaction if no response by Monday. Can I do that? Would I still be able to re-list the item? I don’t want to go through the whole Resolution Center process because it seems pointless and a waste of time if there are no negative repercussions for the buyer. There was no insertion fee so I wouldn’t need a refund for it.
Thanks r/ebay


Accidentally sold an item with the wrong part number. Buyer is worse of the worst.

I sold an item with a different part number than what was posted as. The one I posted, according to him, is $1000. The one I sent him is worth $500 and his winning bid is only $480. He’s asking me to pay him the difference for my error. Even though there was an error in the description portion of the auction, there’s a closeup picture of the item and it’s part number. Where is he coming up with the idea for me to pay him the difference? and how do I fix this?


How do I stop this?

I am so sick of eBay as of late. In the past week, almost half my auctions have been bought by people with 0-3 feedback and they never pay. What can I do to prevent this?

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