Good eBay user screwed by 1 feedback scammer (eBay user horror story)

Typical story here. Good eBay (2 year old account, 100%) user selling a high value item, in this case a $600 Apple iPad who gets scammed by a new account with only 1 positive feedback. The buyer returned a empty box in the end and got there money and item for free with the backing of PayPal & eBay.

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Empty box’s, like the empty heads at eBay…

You dont know me but let me tell you I got fucked hard on ebay. I was selling for 2 years with 100 positive feedback. When this one time a buyer with 1 feedback bought a ipad which sold for 600$. Well I didnt think a thing and shipped it priority mail with tracking and insurance. Well the day after I shipped it this guy starts messaging me asking me were his item is. I wrote him back explaining that I just shipped it out the day before and no way its had time to make it to him. Im thinking this guy must be new to ebay and buying online and like the nieve person i am I didnt think much still. So that same night he messaged me about shipping I get back onto my account to see that I had a case opened against me. It was this same douchebag. I made my case to ebay and paypal on the phone telling them over and over again I was being scammed. He opened an item not recieved case against me btw. He paid on a Monday I shipped it out an hour after he paid ON MONDAY, Tuesday he opened the case?!?!?! WTF ebay actually was in his favor and I could not believe it. I had shipping reciepts, Tracking, insurance, It didnt matter to them They put my paypal funds on hold first then when the tracking said he got it and signed for it I was supposed to have the money released to me. Ok I could handle that even though i was furious! Well on thursday when his package arrived he signed for it early in the morning. Thursday night he started claiming the item was wrong and demanded a refund. I called ebay trying to keep my cool but I wanted to kill him at this point. I know for a fact I sent him what he ordered. So at this point ebay told me that everything was fine and to just wait till he sends the item back before I refund his money. I tried explaining to them I couldnt refund his money if I wanted to because paypal had the money on hold and that I could not touch it. The guy sends me back a empty box no item just bubble wrap. Long story short He got a refund and a 600 ipad for free. And guess what I got. They suspended my account. My stealth account has been in good standing since 2012. Oh yeah and because they had my money on hold and gave that guy a refund it put my account -600 somehow on paypal. They expect me to pay that shit back and have since sent my account to collections. Sorry about all the typos its late.


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