Hooked On Sprockets – eBay alternative for motorbikes (eBay alternative)

hookedonsprockets.com – A auction site for motorbike stuff. Has “buy it now” options and auctions. Is open to users worldwide. Seems fairly active, the copyright date on the site gives 2013 but I can’t find when it was started? Interesting concept though just sticking to one thing and one thing only.

Link : www.hookedonsprockets.com


  1. saw this post, interesting that you guys noticed my new site so quick, only been in existence for 3 weeks, i have an e-commerce store, but found that single seller sites do get exposure but people tend to shop and compare prices. i have lots of other friends that specialize in motorcycle parts and have websites, it only made sense since we do a lot of business together to build one supersite that brought as many parts dealers to the table as possible and knocked down the costs of having websites. this being said the site is only 3 weeks old, has posted over 10,000 visits, 1500 likes, and we together are working to list as many parts as possible manually to bring the website up to par nd offer as much as possible from as many people possible. forget ebay and the high fees, don’t need a corporate model to tell businesses how to run their businesses. There was absolutely no other place to sell in an organized fashion and collect payments, so i built it, like field of dreams build it and they will come, and in 3 weeks the signs that this site will grow is showing

  2. Hi, thanks for the comments 🙂

    No idea how I stumbled across your site, I was just hitting Google with searches and hoping for the best, I think I found it recommended on another anti-eBay forum, so it seems people do like your idea/concept/site so keep that up 🙂

    Good luck with it, the more alternatives the better for real people

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