How Ebay Calculates Risk On A Seller And What Categories Are Safe To List In

Interesting article about how eBay calculates your risk in different categories, I would have assumed if you risky in one area of goods that would count for all, apparently not, as with all things eBay its never straight forward.

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As for what categories are safe to list in, stay away from clothes, DVD’s, electronics of all types, computers, Collectibles and the Adult categories.

Where to list in?
Stick with Home and Garden and categories that sell low dollar amount items.

If you have an established account say over 100 transactions with perfect feedback you should be good for now.

You are assigned a risk level each time you move to another category and list and item. You should always complete transactions in a category before you move out to another one.

Risk levels are set by ebay for a category. (We don’t know what these numbers are) but the formula is as follows:

Electronics may have a 100% risk level

You list an item in that category get low dsr’s and a neg, and your risk level is now over 100%, you go to list another item and you get shut down, MC999 request to call in.

If you sell that item and get positive feedback with 5′s across the board for DSR’s then your risk level drops to 0 as long as you list another item in that same category.

Now your risk lever is 0..(GOOD).. but you decide now to sell an item in Jewelry or Collectibles, Boom, your risk level goes back up to 100% again once the listing is put through.

Ebay is not working off a 1 shot 1 deal chance system, if you do not prove yourself and screw up even once, they shit can you based on your risk. If you are established your risk is lowered but again we do not know what these numbers are and we never will!.

Start promoting Amazon and make money there, get the hell out of EBAY!.

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  1. I never really liked Amazon, I cant figure out how to sell stuff on here and even so, its way more expensive than ebay. Last time I looked you couldn’t sell items under about £30 either.

    Leave ebay yes, I miss selling on ebay it was part of my life, though my life is MUCH better now and zero stress. So I loose a few quid on sales, but it wasn’t worth it with all the stress and time it was taking up anyway. LEAVE EBAY and do something which puts money in your OWN pockets!

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