1. Ebay recently tightened up on whats allowed for minimum DSR figures for top rated seller status. 2 low DSRs a month out of a few 100 sales was enough to trash my store. Those were down to slow delivery times, which is beyond my control, I always had option for 24H post and not 1 person every paid for it, and yet they expect 1st class items to arrive next day as “ebay says so”… and when they arrive 2 days later, the buyer gets miffed and leaves bad feedback. So you are told to improve or get suspended by ebay.

    You can’t improve buyers expectations, If they do not understand how the postal system works then its their tough luck , not the sellers fault, even though ebay blame the sellers anyway.

    It is best to give up selling on ebay. I dare not list anything anymore. Its simply asking for trouble these days. There are like 50 things which can go wrong, most of which the sellers have no control over. ebay tighten their rules and try to get more buyers buying, ebay are sure doing that alright, buyers are on the increase and so are the scams and abuse along with it.

    ebay are just forcing the sellers off ebay, they are causing way to much work and stress to make it viable to sell anything anymore. I kept at it as long as I could, but day to day fighting abusive disputes over things I have no control over isn’t my idea of a safe place to trade.

    Ebay let all this happen and cause it to happen and the keep increasing the problems every few weeks. I , like other sellers, made some money via selling items, its a shame it had to end, but i have better things to do than fight disputes that I have no control over.

    I do not want to sell to abusive liars which seems to be the only people left on ebay these days. I do not want to “improve” as ebay told me too, ebay should improve more like it.

    ebays policies are just based in the land of fiction now. I ran my shop on borderline insanity but enough is enough. Ebay is 100% broken, it just isn’t worth the time or effort any longer.

    I think its clear to sellers, for the past year now, if anyone is in 2mins if to keep going or close shop, just look at all the info on this site! Close your shop and find other ways to make your money outside of ebay. I will not buy or sell on ebay anymore. principle. ebay are not getting any more money from me. We all lived ok before ebay appeared….

    1. “2 low DSRs a month out of a few 100”

      See only 2 and they screw you! eBay maths is broken is impossible to get a perfect score, I think its been made that it drives smaller sellers off because it only seems to be effecting them, huge companies who can shovel 1000’s of items a month without problem when they get a low score its accounting for such a low % they can absorb it and carry on, the man cleaning out his garage with 10 items however…

      Another thing I want to know is I have seen some feedback scores read 100% yet they have a negative, hows that maths work lol

      Facebook seems to be working ok for people at the moment from what I have seen local, face to face trades no problems and even some swapping of there stuff for other stuff they wanted everyone seems happy so far anyway.

  2. I suspect ebay have some “wiz kid” doing the maths, though saying that, I think a 5 year old could probably put together a better algorithm that ebays current DSR maths.

    I had 100% score for years, until about 2 years ago, I got a negative and it took me down to 99.8% then I got another down to 99.6%. I just got back up to 99.7% after almost a year of bending over backwards to please people, and someone left me another negative.

    They were all down to slow delivery times, 5 seconds after ebays estimated time has elapsed your screwed. OH the ones that were not slow delivery, were people not reading the info at all, then blamed me as they “got the wrong stuff”. Of course I get the blame as they messed up.

    Its all against ebays policy to blame sellers for all this, but all the buyers get away with it. Ebay do not enforce their own rules, then punish the sellers as its all gone wrong. Its just another reason why I left ebay and closed my shop.

    I worked my ass off to get back to 100%, but its impossible when so many things are out of the sellers control and yet the buyers and ebay blame the sellers for all the problems. ebay are just total hypocrites. Like I said before I got suspended due to slow delivery times, its just total BS and everyone is just better keeping out of.

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