Multiple accounts used to strike back at other eBay users

I have seen this a few times now, its quite interesting as eBay seems/or can’t be bothered to do anything about it. In this situation a buyer buys some DVD’s they don’t match the description there basically scrap but anyhow the situation gets to a point where the buyer leaves the seller a negative feedback, fast forward a bit and the buyer is now selling some DVD’s and the buyer is in the same area as the seller who sold him the bad DVD’s and leaves negative feedback seemingly unrelated to the DVD’s, coincidence? (the seller swears they was working)

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Am I being paranoid?

Okay, I bought this box set of Seinfeld from somebody and it came to me just all torn up and crappy condition with nothing in their description stating so. Also missing discs without stating so, so of course I want a refund. He refuses me one. I go to ebay with the problem and It’s in my favor. I then leave the guy negative feedback saying how he refused a refund and how he sent me missing discs without any indication there were any missing. Also deceptive pics because where the box set was damaged, they were hidden in the pictures he had up also nothing about it in the description.

My feedback for them: “Deceptive pics No responses missing dvds refused refund escalated 2 ebay BEWARE!”

Now the situation I am in, I sold a lot of 2 DVD’s. I look at the shipping address and it was going in the area he lived. I thought it was kind of ironic and fishy but I thought I was just being paranoid. I go on eBay today and find I was left negative feedback from that same buyer, they left

“Slow shipping scratches all over no play BEWARE!”

I played both DVD’s before shipment and they played just fine without any problems. There were not scratches all over it either. Also the DVD’s were shipped on November 2nd and got there November 9th with a tracking number.

Am I being paranoid or am I right? If I am right is there anything I can do to get this negative removed or dealt with?

Some of the comments :

First off, this isn’t being paranoid.
Contact eBay. While owning multiple eBay accounts is allowed, they are still connected on eBay, and eBay can see dupe accounts. Send them the tracking info with the sale date to prove they lied about the slow shipping, and show them the feedback you left the other account. Let us know if eBay do anything, good luck 🙂

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I contacted eBay and they pretty much told me i’m screwed.

And this gem :

[–]megabits 1 point  ago

Try again. Not all rep are created equal.

[–]AlbinoSquid 1 point 6 days ago

That’s right, some are just slow with minor mental disabilities and the others are completely brain dead.

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