None paying bidders, the rant we see often

The usual tale here, bidder buys something, then won’t pay. The seller is a little angry and to be fair that’s ok, so he types up his experience which we have all had multiple times per week some of us, the none-paying bidder is the bidder of 2013, you can’t expect buyers on eBay to give a crap when eBay has them backed as they do, its just the way it is now it seems so get used to it I guess, eBay won’t help they don’t give a toss. I do recall eBay actually blaming me for a high number of none paying bidders buying my items… now how can that possible be my fault?

ebay none paying bidder disputes
eBay, the way it is.

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I’m angry about ebay and I can’t talk to anyone

It is frustrating. Normally when I have a customer service issue, I can email, chat, or call the company. I can then talk to someone who actually understands what I have to say and then bends over backwards to try and make things right. I can’t do that with ebay, and it is frustrating.

I sold an item on ebay last week. Someone won the winning bid. They haven’t paid for a week, they don’t respond to an invoice, and they don’t reply to email messages. The unpaid item policy says the customer has 30 days to pay for the item before ebay will touch it, and then take another week to process it before refunding my money. 30 fucking days.

You know what? If someone sits at their computer and KNOWS they bid on an item – clicked the icon to say “I see this item and I want to buy this item” and they win – what horrible brain dead person doesn’t see they won the item they bid on to the point where they just don’t decide to pay or talk to the seller or do anything that in any way resembles a curteous human being acting on having this information?

You know what? When I buy something on ebay, I pay as soon as I check my email and see that I won the action. You know why? Because i bid on something I wanted to have, and I wanted to own it by paying for it and having it shipped to me. Why the hell would someone bid on an item they weren’t going to pay for? At least respond to me and say “Hey, I can’t afford this until next thursday, and expect my payment then” or something. What the actual fuck is this having to wait 30 days for someone to officially show they are not going to pay for the item?

This has happened in the past too – some two feedback ebay buyer decides to come in and bid on an item multiple times, then just completely blows off the payment and I have to wait around for a fucking month to close out, get my ebay fees refunded, and try listing the item again. This is a month later when the item I am selling loses value so bidders don’t pay as much. If I re-list the item I pay the selling fees twice. Fucking twice. That adds up fast.

Damn it ebay, and damn it buyer who sucks and has no clue how to interact with humans and pay for an item they bid on. I was counting on that £50.98 ($80) to help pay for gas and some groceries before I get paid next week. Now I am sitting at home starving for some real food and fretting about not being able to get into work tomorrow. This whole thing sucks and I have no way to talk to either the buyer or ebay to let them know how upset I am at the whole situation. I have no voice in this matter that is so important to me and would be resolved if I could get the parties involved to actually explain some things.

If I call customer support at ebay, some low-paid overseas representative will be all like “I’m sorry sir, our policies and agreements require that you must wait the full 30 days and then file an unpaid item claim and then an automated system will give the buyer another message which takes another week to respond.” Fuck that. If I buy something I pay for it shortly after. It should be the same for everybody everywhere.

You can’t go into walmart and set a TV on the counter and say “I’m buying this, pay you later.” and then walk out and have them hold on to the TV for a month – without them seeing a dime of your money and not knowing anything about you.” Even layaway requires a down payment, you know, and an actual confirmation of payment with interest. The whole ebay system is screwed up. I just want to sell something for some money. I don’t understand how they can be such bastards with this and how they don’t understand that people who don’t pay and don’t respond after winning an auction aren’t going to magically pay or respond after a couple weeks.


  1. It annoys the hell out of me too, buyers go to the trouble of finding what they want, bidding on a item, but they cant spent the extra 10 seconds to actually pay for it ?!

  2. One thing I noticed is the “pay” button does not always show up when you win a item, if you refresh the page it does, I suspect that’s not helping with payments. I did point this out to ebay some years ago.. but like everything else…..

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