Not as described.. it is if you can read! (eBay user horror story)

Same old, same old, the never ending story this one. eBay buyer, buys a item claims it is “not as described” opens a dispute, the seller loses. Why you ask? because the seller clearly put in his listing what the item was for and the buyer bought it for a incompatible (in this case a phone add on). eBay says thats ok though and sides with the buyer. From the amount of these stories you would think no one on eBay could actually read.

ebay not as described phone scam
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Buyer incompetent. Please refund them.


Just sold a smartphone accessory on eBay, and threw in a free iPod/iPhone adapter. The buyer didn’t check to see whether or not the accessory (clearly labelled with make and model number) was compatible with his handset and so opened a “not as described” case.

The item was as described, but to the buyer it was a useless item and they were looking for a way out. eBay agreed with the buyer.

eBay is just a terrible place for selling things, this is not the first time I’ve had problems. To make it worse, they’ve frozen the funds in my PayPal account so now I don’t have the item or the money.

I’ve been told to wait for the buyer to ship the item back to me, but I don’t remember ever agreeing to refund him or remember him even having a case for a refund to begin with.

TL;DR Ask buyers for proof of intelligence before shipping

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  1. I have had buyers even admit they were in the wrong but open a NAD case and get a full refund without returning the item.

    Even if buyers say they will ship the item back, they never do, then they complain to ebay that they did not get a refund from the seller, so ebay refunds them. Buyer never gives proof of postage either.

    Sorry ebay, but I refuse to use a system that is operated in such a appalling manner. ebay breaks so many business ethics rules its unbelievable. I also think the distance selling regulations need a total overhaul also. To me, 99% of the time, but buyer is NOT right.

    The “buyer is always right” saying was invented years ago, in a time buyers were 99% of the time honest. With the online market place boom, things have long since changed.

    I deal with customers “in the real world” face to face. I get business by “word of mouth” and recommendations. Almost never get problems, if I do, I sort them. Dealing face to face you can deal with problem direct not going via a “3rd party”. Cutomers are always happy at the end of the day. I enjoy the work and almost never any problems.

    No selling online is a totally different world. Get endless hours of abuse from buyers. Claims which have no grasp on reality whatsoever. Buyers contradiction what they say. Even admitting they are in the wrong but still get a refund. Then insults from ebay that I need to improve as my DSR’s are dropping, which is only down to outright lies to start with. The amount of time I have spent dealing with abusive claims and lies in unbelievable.

    Its really hard to accept that “the general public” are actually split into 2 totally different worlds. I enjoy dealing with my customers face to face day by day. Online, I absolutely hate it. It used to be good years ago, but not anymore.

    For me 99% of real world customers things go perfect. Online, 99% of transaction go bad. Though I should point out I do sell online outside of evil ebay world and never have any problems. So I should correct in that 99% of ebay transactions go bad.

    Ebay just attracts the scammers, its well known. They endorse scammers and side with them. Everyone should get out and leave. I left 2 years ago, best choice I ever made. Dealing with people face to face is how things are supposed to be.

    I often get cups of tea, tasty home backed cakes, and even cash tips. what do I get on ebay ? no items, no cash, endless hours of abuse and a kick in the teeth from ebay for me to do better.

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