Ongoing study “eBay user feedback abusive users”

A little on going study which I will soon be publishing the results of, recently I noticed something a little odd 80%-90% of the time when a seller gets a negative feedback I found it to be left by a relatively new eBay users. Looking into this a bit more I found that the majority of accounts who were leaving bad feedback were registered in 2011 & 2012. I believe there’s some kind of connection there, I think that either new buyers don’t really understand eBay’s feedback and the problems it can cause a seller, or there old sellers who were screwed by the system so are striking back. Older eBay accounts were much more likely to not leave any feedback at all.



  1. A lot of people do not really understand how the feedback system works. Though buyers and even sellers can open up new accounts in order to deliberately leave bad feedback to do harm to someone. I have seen it all happen many times. I think older accounts over 2 years of age, they just too lazy to leave feedback, unless they want to leave a negative of course.

    1. I do recall having a buyer leave a comment I had not left feedback for anyone else in years, I mentioned that I did not leave feedback as what was the point the whole system is broken and they went mental, going on about how its the backbone of eBay well how can that be if your forced to leave positives?

      Another incident I had was a buyer never even paid for something and left me negative feedback try as I might eBay refused to remove that feedback, I here its changed a little now. I even used there own rules against them something they don’t like or follow….

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