PayPal “”lose”” $2500 somehow…

Strange story this, a user tries to transfer money to his PayPal account… it never makes it there. He used PayPals bank to bank transfer system to load the funds into his PayPal account. Although the transfer was accepted it seems the problem was not adding the account to PayPal first, yet it happily accepted the transfer? No neither the bank or PayPal know where the money has gone…


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Hi all,

I transferred over 2500 USD from my German USD account to my PayPal account (through transferring the money to their JP Morgan bank account).

My mistake was not adding the bank account I transferred the money from to my PayPal account before doing so (although it’s also in my name) and not realizing that PayPal doesn’t accept funds in USD from bank accounts located in Germany.

This was on 28.10.

I talked to customer service on 3.11 and they said I should wait until 14 days (or 10 business days) have passed.

I called my bank and they said the money has been transferred.

I talked to them again on 13.11 and they said that I should have told them to start looking for the money 5 days after transferring it instead of waiting. I sent them all the details they needed as instructed (my bank account and their bank account details and all the transfer details) and they came back to me after 1 day saying that they can’t find the money or the transfer anywhere.

What can I do in this case?

I’m stuck without a lot of money I need right now, and every represemtative at PayPal seems to be saying something else.

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