PayPal trying to force there MasterCard on sellers?

Interesting article here, a seller was basically forced to take the out the PayPal/eBay master card, when he never he was marked risk to the eBay community (note his 100% 12yr old feedback score) and his account was limited, the thing is he had no auctions going on that week and as usual eBay would not back down. I know that the PayPal branded card has had 2 launches in the past with it disappearing for a while then coming back rebranded so I have no idea what happened, from what I understand its a prepaid debit linked right into your PayPal account (more fees), I know in the US there is a eBay credit card also, the situation gets confusing with all the cross branding and bullsh*t.

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Recipe for disaster.

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I have been selling perfectly for years at Ebay and have been getting strange emails from them telling me they need to regulate my seller habits and limits because they think my growth is way too much for their buyers. Another words I’m selling too much. Those are not “Their” (Ebay) buyers, those are “My” buyers. I won’t go into seller limits because I am very upset that I have to sell under limits with a perfect feedback rating on my account for over 12 years. Ebay sucks get the hell out!

Last week I get another strange email from Ebay telling me that I need to refer to my Paypal account because they want me to use their Paypal MasterCard which they are calling it their “Ebay MasterCard” from the Ebay site. I knew this was fishy when I noticed that so I called Paypal to find out what was going on and they told me they are forcing many sellers now to get their funds on a Paypal MasterCard I told them I didn’t want it and they said they would place a notation on my account and then I hung up with them. Two days ago I got an email from Ebay telling me that my seller account has been limited and I also received an email from Paypal stating that my Paypal account was limited. I called Ebay first being that they sent me the first email and asked them why I was limited and they told me that “I am a risk to the Ebay community”. I never had any items up for auction that week, so I knew there must be a problem or that they were lying. I told the operator from the Philippines that all my feedback for 12 years was perfect. She stated that she couldn’t do anything about it.

Now my business is gone, and I can honestly say that “EbayisaJoke” from Ebay Blowswas totally right about not using the Paypal Mastercard because after watching his video here it all makes sense to me now. I will never do any business again with any Ebay or Paypal entity. My thanks go out to EbayisaJoke for helping me out and directing me to file a Ripoff Report.

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