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Grabbed a few random comments from a thread about PayPal, mostly they was not very friendly here are a few of them.

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PayPal locking up funds since 1998.


Nice user comments about the great PayPal

In PayPal’s eyes, buyers have every right, sellers are lower than dirt. You WILL be had eventually and they will do NOTHING for you.

I sold a laptop on ebay once. Guy tried to get me to send it to somewhere in the middle east and gave me “extra” money to do so. He also sent a fake paypal email to me, but he didn’t know one tiny detail: I use a different email for my paypal account.
I told him it was fake and I would be reporting it and he started swearing up and down and telling me how he paid me and I have to send it or he will sue me and send me to jail.
Ended up selling it to a very nice man in Seattle.

Paypal is inherently flawed (outside ebay) because they side with the buyer 100% of the time. All the seller has to do is send you money then claim the item never came/damaged/wasn’t as described, then Paypal freezes the money (which you can’t withdraw anyway normally because it takes five days to withdraw). Paypal then seizes the money and you are out of both money and product. If you somehow manage to withdraw the money Paypal will wreck your credit on behalf of the buyer and you are still out of the product.
Theses scammers are mostly on Craigslist and generally will overpay for an item then say they are somewhere else and ask to pay by paypal. There is nothing you can do if you use paypal with a craigslist transaction are and ripped off no one will help you.
Craigslist is growing in popularity more and more for sellers ever since eBay has dropped off in popularity since they started charging a % for sales. The scams are getting worse, not better.
TL;DR don’t use Paypal with Craigslist
PS-counterfeiters are using craigslist too for fake £62.16 ($100) bills on more expensive items. Easy to circulate and 99% of sellers won’t recognize the fakes.
Buyer beware.

Oh, they alert you now?
Back in the day they let scammers file illegal chargebacks left and right and then pocketed the seller fees. Got scammed out of a laptop a bunch of years back.
Fuck PayPal.

My first time selling things online, I sold an Imac and received the payment through pay pal as I thought this should be a safer way to receive money than giving the buyer my names and bank account information. I mailed the Imac after I saw Paypal website stated that the ‘transaction is completed’ and I transferred the money I received from Paypal to my own bank account right away. After one month time, the bastard report to Paypal that it was an unauthorised transaction. Paypal closed my case and refund to that bastard in 12 hours, they ignore the fact that I have the tracking ID that can prove the bastard signed and received the item. Paypal claimed that since the buyer dint state the payment transfer to my account was to buy an Imac from me so Paypal considers it as a gift (Paypal answered me this when I complain about this case). Hence, this transaction is not protected under the seller protection program, which also means the buyer has a right to report this is an unauthorised transaction in 45 days (if I remember the number right) and get a refund. You are lucky that someone saved you from being scammed, Im sure there are many unlucky kind ppl are being scammed by just wanting to sell a god damn thing. Another for sure, I will not use Paypal again and I dont recommend anyone to use it.

That’s funny. I sold my first generation iPhone on eBay back in 2008. I had the money for a week before the douchebag buyer reported the item as “Not as described.” He said I sent him a broken flip phone. The money he paid me, which had already cleared and been spent, was removed from my PayPal account immediately and I had a negative balance.
Knowing that wasn’t the case, I called PayPal customer service and told them I was being scammed and asked how I should proceed. I was told I should ask for the item back and issue a refund – so I did. A few days go by and I receive a package in the mail – I was a piece of shit flip phone that the buyer took a hammer to. Literally. It was smashed and all serial numbers scratched off. I called PayPal, filed whatever they asked me to online, and even provided my iPhone’s serial number and UDID.
A month goes by with no word – while I get fucked over on the reasons I needed the money in the first place – until I get notified of the result of their investigation. I was told the buyer was in the right, and that I would not receive the money. I got screwed out of £310.82 ($500) and my iPhone.
TL;DR: If you want a free cell phone, buy one off eBay, tell PayPal the item wasn’t as promised, and send back a turd in a box. ENJOY!

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