Post on Reddit “What company has forever lost your business?”

Quite randomly decided to have a look into THIS THREAD and what do I see, who got the top spot as of (11PM anyhow) but our dear friends at PayPal :p


Thought it was worth typing up anyhow, was not really expecting to see that, but I think something in me just knew eBay or PayPal was going to appear in that list somewhere, but number 1. Let’s mirror a few of the nicer comments for future generations to gaze in wonder at.

Mirrors : 

Ugh. I hate PayPal. Their bullshit ‘Seller protection’ sucks

And of corse non tangible items don’t qualify for seller protection, so someone buying something from you has to literally click 3 buttons to get their money back and keep the item.

I just wish there was an alternative. LR went down recently so I can’t use that anymore :/


Paypal – I was on the board of a non-profit and paypal froze their donation account because they got a big (£3.2 ()k) donation from the UK. Wouldn’t un-freeze it, wouldn’t send the money back so the donor could wire it. Took 6 months and a lot of threats from our lawyers to get the cash. Their customer service is the worst I’ve ever dealt with.


Paypal has quite the scam going. They act like a bank when it’s convenient and they’re not a bank when that’s to their advantage. No bank could freeze your money for 6 months without the regulators landing on them like a ton of bricks. They must abide by “know your customer” but after that, they can do what they want, which they clearly do.


For service to customers in Europe Paypal is incorporated as bank in Luxembourg. Even though they’ll never mention it, it means they’re subjected to the rules and regulations applicable to banks in the European Union, which can be of help for a defrauded customer


One time, after not having enough funds on the debit card that was in my paypal account (this was due to the fact that paypal decided to charge me an extra 10 bucks on a purchase of 36 bucks and I only had 37 bucks on my debit card) I ended up with a -18.98 on my paypal account. I didn’t checked my paypal account or debit card balance very often, unless I wanted to make a purchase, so I let a month and a half went by. When I got a call from my bank telling me that my account had been overdrafted for more than 22 days, I decided to check. I had a -18.98 balance on paypal and if I remember correctly, somewhere around -170 or something like that in my bank. It turns out, paypal attempted to transfer funds from my debit card to the paypal account on its own, and after an unsuccessful attempt, they would “refund” the money to ny account, but everytime that would happened, a 35$ transfer fee was charged on my debit card from paypal. This happened around 4 or 5 times during this time that I neglected my bank and paypal account and I tried emailing them, calling them and nothing happened, so a purchase for which I had the funds for, ended up costing me 170+


I had hundreds of sales on my account, then paypal and ebay froze everything because one person claimed I had not sent them the item, which I had. I called paypal and ebay several times and couldn’t get it unfrozen, they wouldn’t even let me talk to them about it because I couldn’t remember my password off the top of my head because I always had it on autofill… I told them the wrong answer once and they basically refuse to talk to me ever again. Everything is shut down, and I even tried to open another paypal account but it recognized the email address and shut that one down too. I just gave up after that. My small business died. It sucked.


I was banned from PayPal because I was “laundring money” in the worth of thousands of dollars.
It was a £17.06 () DLC for Warthunder.
I called their support hotline and once I asked why my PayPal account was shutdown they told me that I should know why and told me that they arent allowed to share this information with me.
Thanks PayPal, ill stick to Paysafecards and Visa.


For some reason Paypal have frozen my account (thankfully I had no money in there) and every time I try to resolve it by going through their security checks it keeps telling me it was incorrect and they were sending me a code in the post. Never arrived.


Yep. My account has been frozen with £670 in (I did a lot of online marketing) they refuse to send the money back (It’s like £10 x 67 so its too much work for them I guess)
Meanwhile I’m sat here, no money, no way I can work and no food in the fridge.


I logged a complaint with Paypal after I got scammed by a Chinese company. Paypal responded by not allowing me to make anymore overseas transactions. I haven’t used them since.
Yeah, I bought WoW Gold. Fuck off, I wanted a Mammoth mount!


I was dumb enough to do software work for a guy without a contract, and got paid on paypal. He charged me back, and ran off with it and left me in the dust down a few hundred dollars. I couldn’t fight back at all and now my personal paypal account will forever be in the negative because I refuse to pay back.

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  1. ebay of course! , all garages within 15 miles of our house, kwik fit, and all the rest, most makes and brands of anything you can think of.. demon internet, BT internet,, dabs, aria, in fact most shops selling pc gear, the list would be endless with everything!

    In fact off-hand I cant think of any company I WOULD deal with again, maybe a hidden meaning why companies are constantly going bust maybe ?

    Its very hard to buy anything without it being total garbage, I remember once phoning around scrap yards for a engine , most put the phone down even before you finished talking. At least they were english..

    Most banks are in my list, stupid charges for anything and everything they can think of, they all just as bad so what do you do ?

    Oh, thought of one, “O2” I have heard tales of companies like orange and vodafone messing up the bill and charging £100’s for their own screwups. O2 screwed up once and billed me over £200, though they admitted the mistake and refunded me the full amount.

    There so many companies I have had issues with its unreal, I just never buy anything anymore unless I really really really have to, otherwise it turns into weeks of faffing about in one respect or another. Don’t even get me started on light bulbs which only last a week!! Can bad drivers go in the list too ???

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