Really someone does this?

I think this is backwards?

Did give me a idea though. How many cases of depression and to the extreme suicides was eBay given as a reason (fully or part of) for? Some people rely on this with there life’s so it stands to reason if eBay screw them things might start going really, really wrong.


  1. :p

    I could never read my feedback it scares me, it got to the point where I would not click the link for fear of what might be there threw no fault of my own, then I thought i’m scared of numbers on a page? somethings wrong there lol

    I do recall not opening messages either because you just knew if you got a message you was going to be on the bad end of it.

  2. I know what you mean, I got paranoid about my feedback, and you can pretty much assume any message coming from ebay was someone moaning about something or another. Its why I gave up in part, its no way to live just constantly waiting for the next load of BS to come. Its amazing how much time it was all taking, I am getting loads done now I am not having to deal with BS after BS from buyers and ebay.

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