Returning items when they have been used for the wrong thing?

Work this out, a buyer buys a dog collar but has no dog, they bought it to wear on there head, they now want to return it, but the seller has a no returns policy and how are you going to return a item you bought and used the wrong way? who is at fault here? The stories comments generally point to “you cant win” “ebay will screw you” “pay up”

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Help with EBAY buyer. I need some suggestions

Hey everyone, I have been a lurker here for a few months trying to learn everything I can to supplement my income. This past week I sold a dog collar that I had laying around that was too big for my dog. It was listed for about three months without a single hit on it, so I decided to list it for what I had in plus the fees just to get it out of my stock. Today I get this message from the buyer: “Hi I just received your dog collar and it is fabulous! However, I don’t own a dog… I bought it because I have bought other dog collars in the past and use them for headbands! What I didn’t realize was how heavy your caller was going to be. Collar is a totally amazing dog collar but probably a torture to wear on my head all day ha ha Ha anyway even though I pay $10 shipping and will have to pay more to ship it back I’m wondering if you could make an exception to your no return policy. I don’t own a dog in the only dog I know he’s too fat to wear this collar.” My listing says no returns or exchanges, and this is the first problem that has come my way so far on EBAY. I really don’t want the collar back, but I also don’t want negative feedback. Right now I still have a fairly low feedback of 120(100% positive). How should I handle this?

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Since it’s such a small dollar amount, I’d just refund it and let her keep it. It doesn’t take many vengeful customers to lower your DSR ratings to the point where you’re “Guardrailed” (limits are put on your account on how much you can sell if you get more than 1% bad ratings in any DSR category). But I’ve been burned before, so I’m extra cautious with stuff like this.


First off, be as polite as possible. Don’t get into a power struggle with them because that will definitely lead to negative feedback.If they open a case against you, ebay will pretty much always side with them so it’s best to avoid that. It’s not fun but it’s part of the game of selling on Ebay.


Personally I would refund it all because I don’t want any potential negatives to ding my top rated seller status.


  1. ebay all over really aint it. sell someone a nail file and have the buyer demand a full refund as its useless for picking locks with. Ebay will refund, take the money off you, and for your trouble you get negative feedback. You know 100% you are in the right, and ebay do not care. In fact “nail file didn’t work” would be plenty to do it. In fact could apply it to anything, TV didn’t work, sticky tape didn’t work…

    “The stamp on the envelope didn’t work as the package never got to me even though it didn’t have a stamp on it in first place”….. such contradictory nonsense gets buyers a full refund every time.

    Buyers can post pages of total nonsense and even if you defend yourself you still loose out. Just ends up being quicker to refund the buyers without even bothering, no way to trade really is it ? Though seems perfectly acceptable for ebay to operate in this manner.

    Sellers still closing shops, fee’s going up, sellers doing all the work and for what ? a lot of work just to get fees and then have ebay forcefully remove the money from your account and you do try and resist you get suspended. Reminds me of getting mugged int he street, give them all your money, or get a smack in the face and loose your money anyway. That pretty much sums up ebays operating policy if you ask me.

  2. “The stamp on the envelope didn’t work as the package never got to me even though it didn’t have a stamp on it in first place”

    I have heard that and similar things a few times during eBay disputes, makes me laugh when they say something wrong with it and then come out with it never got there.

    Seems pointless to fight a dispute these days, just give them what they want, which leads us to the problem of eBay becoming a online tat house because no ones willing to lose more than £1 so the quality of the items is going to fall off it already has I think.

    You would think common sense would say if you buy something and use it for what it was not meant to do surely thats your problem, also I am sure eBay have some rules on hygiene (ear rings etc?) surely??? so would this fit in there, would not matter could throw eBays own rules in there face and they would say they “do not apply in this case”

    I have had eBay customer service ask me where I got copys of there rules from and then ask me for the link in there own help pages…

  3. Yeah, as we know ebay don’t follow their own rules, They keep forcing our rules onto us whenever they like, and in no way shape or form is any of it acceptable business practices. They trying to comply with the law of course, but that’s a even deeper problem. If our government sorted this all out years ago, how many sellers would still be trading ? I bet most of them are claiming benefits now. and yet governments own laws on trading caused a lot of this in the first place. If ebay were any sort of respectable company I am sure there would be big time sellers still trading. But how many companies out there really care anymore anyway ?

    I am surprised ebay have not tried to get this site shut down yet. Anything out there suggesting ebay is a problem tends to quickly vanish.

  4. “I am surprised ebay have not tried to get this site shut down yet. Anything out there suggesting ebay is a problem tends to quickly vanish.”

    I am waiting for the law bending emails on this subject lol

    I have a good idea what angles there going to try and play and how, I had a talk with the register when I got the domain. As long as we tell the truth we will be ok, but you eBays eyes thats a dif matter.

    Big companies, big pockets and big lawyers who dont understand basic freedoms have caused many people lots of problems even when they are in the right.

    I thought about weather or not I should setup the site for a long time before I did (I think I even had to renew the domain at one point), because we all know how nasty and abusive big corporations get and I thought the truth needed to be told so I did it.

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