Scamming the scammer eBay story with twists :p

Bit of a strange story this, a seller gets scammed and laughed at by a typical eBay scammer, he and his friend through a series of events manage to scam the scammer for far more than they got scammed, if all that even makes sense 🙂


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I was scammed and then laughed at by a buyer and still lost my claim

I sold a ps4 game, brand new, sealed. I’m a UK seller I only ship within the UK. Its stated on all my listings. So when the game sells I check out the address of the buyer London, superb. Into the post it goes next day delivery, it arrives at the address given the next day. Everything is great I assume. The day after the buyer messages me “where is my game” I should point out I list my post options as second class as it gives me some time to play with incase I can’t make post office. I screenshot my confirmation of delivery and send that. He opens a case straight away. Ebay find in his favour he’s refunded as he claims it never arrived. I decide for £36 to accept the hit. So it’s all settled then this buyer leaves me positive feedback “thanks for the game, from Lithuania”. I start digging and this guy is infact Lithuania based, he’s used a UK address to have items sent to a family member or friend who then forward them on to him. I contact ebay to be told the case is closed and they can’t do anything. I contact paypal who say they can’t do anything as the case is closed. This buyer has scammed so many people from what I was able to make out. I told a friend who ebays about this buyer, he looked him up and would you believe the scumbag is selling a limited edition action figure. Unknown to me at the time my buddy buys this £300 figure (hot toys i think) and he played the buyer at his own game. I got scammed for £36, buddy scammed the scammer for £300

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