Short story on eBay’s latest price hike.

Some information about another eBay fee increase. The gap between fee increases is getting alot shorter these days. Some of these increases just make no sense and some are just over the top £1 for a subtitle?

I think what might have really p*ssed people off this time was the fee increase came the same day the site crashed bad, obviously money was being well spent on the backend there…

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Don’t make that face you love it!

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Quick cuts of some useful bits :


Sellers will now pay a flat fee for listing items, regardless of how they are listed, be it auction, ‘buy it now’ or ‘good til cancelled’.

Gallery Plus 

From today all listings with the Gallery Plus feature – which uses a larger picture to display items when they come up on eBay’s search result – will cost £2.50.

It used to cost 95p for auctions and three-to-ten-day ‘buy it now’ listings and £2.85 for 30-day ‘buy it now’ sales.

Gallery Plus will remain free if you sell in fashion, motors, home and garden or pet supplies.

Adding ‘buy it now’ to auctions

This will now cost 50p. Until today, the fee varied according to the price of the item being sold.

Adding the option to items listed between 99p and £4.99 cost 10p, between £5 and £14.99 cost 20p and between £15 and £24.99 cost 30p. Items costing anything above £25 already cost 50p to add the option.

Adding subtitles to listings

Subtitles are an extra line of descriptive information to make items stand out in search results.

Adding a subtitle will now cost £1. It used to cost 35p on auctions or three-to-ten-day ‘buy it now’ listings and £1.05 on 30-day ‘buy it now’ listings.

Listing designer

This helps improve the look of auctions. It will now cost 30p whereas previously it was 7p for auctions and three-to-ten day ‘buy it now’ listings and 21p for 30-day ‘buy it now’ listings.

Reserve price fees

When you set a reserve price for an auction, sellers pay eBay a fee of 3.5 per cent of the reserve price, which is going up to four per cent today. Sellers will still never pay more than £150 per item.

Early ended auctions

If you end an auction early after it has been listed for more than 24 hours and buyers have already placed bids, you are charged a fee.

This fee was previously waived once every calendar year. This will now only be waived for auctions cancelled within 24 hours of listing, regardless of whether your auction has received bids.

eBay will also still waive the fee if you have to end the auction early for any reason.

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