Some traffic analysis, shows not much changes in the world of eBay

Every now and again we take a quick look at the analytics for the site as they tend to reveal some interesting information in what eBay & PayPal have been doing to people, its all revealed in what they search for sadly.

The top pages of the last few week :

eBay guest accounts? Buying on eBay when suspended?
usefull phone numbers
Amazon A to Z guarantee returned item scam
Bad Buyers list
PayPal alternatives

The top search terms of the last week

ebay seller harassing me over feedback
paypal duur en slecht (Translation : paypal expensive and bad)
amazon payments pros and cons
amazon a to z guarantee stories
popmoney is a rip off
banned ebay guest checkout
iphone empty box scam ebay


As you can see, the same things continue to pop up, scams, high fees, alternatives are what people are complaining about the most. At this point I really don’t think eBay/PayPal could change even if they wanted to.


  1. Why is eBay allowed to make Mandatory in the UK? Australia/New Zealand Stopped eBay from making that Demand in 2010, America Stopped eBay from imposing that restriction in America. told me I must offer PayPal as a Payment option on my listings (Sales) as I took PayPal to court in 2011 for refusing to comply with their User Agreement and won, it took me over 3 years to get All monies owed to me by PayPal, Court Hearings, Bailiffs etc PayPal have Stated they do not want my business, What does State? No PayPal No sell on their web site. Is that Unfair Trading? I wish to use other PSP’s but as PayPal have refused to accept by business, eBay refuse to allow me to sell on their web site. eBay has refused to comply with the E-Commerce regulations, refused to display a valid e-mail address. What are the Authorities doing to protect the Uk consumer from the Unfair trading restrictions by ?

  2. I would like to point out, There are No PayPal alternatives allowed by in the UK, If you don’t use PayPal. then you Don’t use any other payment service provider in the UK, That’s a Fact.

  3. Ebay are a law in their own right. They can do whatever they like, break any terms they like. Translate their own terms differently on a hourly basis. Then when you jump though all their hoops, they suspend your account for not complying with their rules. How are sellers supposed to comply when ebay themselves can’t even do it. Ebay violate many laws and get away with it. Their business ethics are non existent. Mix all that in with scam buyers and endless stupid disputes and paints a picture of what ebay are really like. Amazing they are still trading after all this time. Just goes to prove the old story of no matter how bad your company is run, if you have a unlimited supply of people, it really does not matter.

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