Story from a eBay ‘Top Rated Seller’

Little bit of a story from a eBay TSR (Top Rated Seller) that shows just how fast eBay can knock you right off and back into nothing at any time, in this case in less than 3 weeks. It also shows eBay’s varying interpretations of there own rules at different times of the day…

ebay top rated seller problems sales down vero issue
You don’t earn it, unless we want you to.

eBay has A lot of there policy violations and shut downs done by automatic bots with no human involvement .
For this reason I would suggest follow the rules and never go buy what a customer service rep tells you because they won’t be there when you get shut down permanently .

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Top rated power seller with 100% positive feedback and have received 4 separate ebay violations in past 3 weeks, sales down about 50-75%.


We’ve been a member for 8 years on ebay, and have been full time for 2. We have 100% positive feedback, always ship next day, and have excellent customer feedback. We always follow through on our transactions, and contact/refund the customer immediately on the rare occasion that we screwed up. We’ve never had an unresolved case or problem with a customer. We’ve also never had a problem with ebay and visa versa. However, the past couple weeks we’ve received 4 separate violations from ebay, 2 I didn’t even know about until I called to ask why sales had dropped so dramatically during the holiday shopping season. It almost seems like we’ve been targeted somehow, and I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar.


  1. Facebook link in listings: About a year ago we called ebay about putting our facebook link in our listings. We list beach photos and whatnot, along with links back to our ebay page and items. Ebay said that it wasn’t a problem and to go ahead. They said there’s a 2 click rule that you can’t link to anything where items are for sale elsewhere within 1 click. Last week, after almost a year of having the link in all our listings with ebay approval, they sent a violation. I called ebay, and they again confirmed that it was not a problem after looking at our facebook page. But, it STILL shows on our account as a violation.
  2. Mentioning Retail Store: about 6 months ago, we opened a retail store, and called ebay, asking if it would be ok to put the text “If you’re in the Palm Beach area, stop by and visit us in person at our retail store”. They said it would be fine, so we added it to all our listings. Then last week, we received a violation for it, after 6 months of use. When I called, and pointed out that Best Buy has a banner on their home page that specifies to pic items up at there retail store, they said we simply needed to change the wording from “Visit us at” to “Pick your item up at”. So we made the change. Again, this is something that ebay ok’d before we added it, but the violation still shows on our account.
  3. Multiple ebay accounts: When I called about the low sales and other violations, the rep said that we had another violation that wwas unresolved for having 2 accounts open, even though ebay is the one that suggested opening a second account and walked us through all the steps to do it properly (we had 2 accounts for 2 totally different types of merchandise and wanted to keep the look and feel different). They sent me to the trust and safety department, that said they couldn’t find the violation, and there’s nothing he could do. I also showed the rep to the link the their own policy that says: “There are many reasons why users would choose to have more than one eBay account.” and “Whether you have one account or more, eBay expects users to manage each of their accounts effectively in order to meet the highest buyer and seller standards.”
  4. Excessive cancelled transactions: We had about 7 cancelled transactions in November, all of which were from customers who purchased an item, and then changed their mind. We sold around 500 items that month. The representative actually told me that I need to learn how to follow through on the items we sell, and that we shouldn’t list an item if we don’t intent to sell it. Wow.

UPDATE: Below is the latest (12/25/13)…

  1. Facebook link in listings. Although ebay reassured me that this was ok to leave in, after some others advice and weighing the risks, I decided to remove the links from all of my almost 700 listings. I tried using the “find and replace” feature in the bulk editor, but because it was html it wouldn’t work properly. I then tried using bulk edit, using the “change listings individually” option, but it kept giving a system error. Ebay confirmed problem. So, I had to click on each listing separately and make the edits. It took 14 hours of solid work, finishing at about 9 pm on Christmas eve. I figured the little bit of advantage I got from having the link in there was far outweighed by the chance of having my account automatically shut down by a bot that can’t read the notes and starving to death…

    Retail Store: Same as above. I removed any mention of even picking the items up in store, even though Best Buy says the same thing on ebays home page.

    Multiple ebay accounts: Again since the reward isn’t worth the hassle, I decided to just close the second account. I stopped using the 2nd account last month anyway, and actually tried to close it then. But ebay said we had a final invoice we had to pay before we could close it. After the invoice came in and got paid, I just sort of forgot about closing it. Yesterday I tried to close it again, but now it says I have a credit balance, and ebay won’t allow us to close the account without first transferring the balance to paypal, which they say takes 2-3 days. Hopefully we don’t get shut down for having 2 accounts before they allow us to close it.. NEW UPDATE: I logged into my duplicate account and it showed that my balance was $0. So I tried to close it, and it said I can’t since I’ve made a payment recently. It said to wait 30 days and try again. This is retarded. I’m getting penalized for having 2 accounts open, but I’m not allowed to close one. Also, when I clicked “close account”, it brought up a message saying “Are you sure you want to close your account? There are many advantages for members to have more than one account.” wtf?

    Excessive cancelled transactions: With dealing with the other issues, I have not yet had a chance to dig more into this one. I plan on calling them tomorrow to discuss.

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  1. All sounds about right overall. I had a epic to close a account. Went on for months due to billing issues. Was actually still being billed months after I had stopped selling stuff. Theft springs to mind, but nothing you can do. Just confirms yet again how broken ebay’s system is and how they say one thing and do another which results in top sellers giving up and closing shop.

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