Stupid eBay or stupid users?

Stumbled upon a blog post by someone upset with eBay so we are going to mirror it and link it, its quite interesting in that its calling you stupid if you still sell on eBay, depends on how you look at that. It covers some of the more hidden parts of the eBay user agreement and how they have basically been twisted to benefit eBay and screw you at whatever cost. From what I can make out the post is from September 2013, I assume these parts are still in the agreement or reworded because these things still go on and are still complained about today.

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Just in case you’re STILL stupid enough to sell on Ebay!

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Here’s a quick summary for you, because if you’re still trying to sell items on Ebay you’re probably too stupid to handle more than that!  (The typical Ebay sugar-coated-spun-email follows in Shit brown below, but of course all the details are buried in the actual 5000 page user agreement.)

In a nutshell:

You can choose to opt out of Ebay’s return program that always finds for Scamming “Buyers” (but sometimes requires a return), but if you do so, the Crook automatically keeps the item(s) but doesn’t have to return anything.   “Opting out” means they get the money plus don’t even have to ship an empty box back.

The deadline for a Scammer to file a claim has been removed, and they can now do one forever.

When Ebay wants to steal money, the new User Agreement allows them to pull it from  a sucker’s credit card or bank account instead of taking the Ebay or Paypal account negative.  So the first clue a seller may get to tip them off that they’ve been scammed on Ebay is that their bank account is empty!

And finally, Ebay may choose to never display someone’s  listings to anyone, during any search, and you agree to it.  That means someone can specifically search for you or the item you’re selling and Ebay may choose never to show it.

Being a Buyer there isn’t much better.   You often deal with rude, unprofessional sellers, get slow shipping, and used garbage when things are represented as new.

The Ebay brand had so much promise in the 90′s, but Meg Whitman and John Donahoe stole all the money and sold it out.

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