A example of a PayPal phishing style scam email

Here is a example of a PayPal phishing email, interestingly the mail says some crap about the money being taken from the senders PayPal account and being put on hold until the seller confirms they have sent the item with a tracking number, I think they was hoping you would not think the £/$0 balance would look odd if PayPal are holding the money in some kind of weird escrow state, by the time you worked it out you would have already shipped the item.

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Approved invisible funds, just like a real bank.

PayPal iPhone scam via CraigsList

Here’s quite a long text conversation taken during a PayPal scam on the 2nd hand item site CraigsList (like Gumtree), the scammer tries to get the sellers name, most likely to make there scammy PayPal look a like mail look a bit more legitimate, anyhow in this case sadly for the scammer they fail, but theirs a bit of comedy at the end which the scammer does not seem to understand.

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Kevin the pigeon, faster than Royal Mail.

bidorbuy.co.za – African eBay alternative

In a totally unrelated search stumbled across this bidorbuy.co.za which seems like some kind of African version of eBay. It’s in English (I don’t know what languages they speak down in Africa), they have there own payment system integrated with there local banks so no need for cards, they also take PayPal :/,  the fees seem lower than eBay (5%) there’s no upfront listing fee so that’s a plus.


Link : www.bidorbuy.co.za/

Wiki article on the site : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bidorbuy