BookScouter – Sell your books online (eBay alternative)

BookScouter – A price comparison engine type site for selling your books, basically it searches all the sites that buy the books and then comes back with a list of prices for your book(s) and then you sell your book to that merchant/shop/store etc. obviously each place will have its own rules/prices so its worth checking a few. Apparently the prices offered I have been told are quite good.

bookscouter sell your books price comparison engine

Selling knifes online (eBay banned knifes so a alternative)

As far as I know eBay banned the selling of certain knifes sometime ago on some of there sites the full reason why I do not know. Today I found this peer to peer (person to person?) market place for people selling knifes, I assume if there legal in your country you can carry on without having eBay interfere. Not sure how PayPal view the selling of knifes again I assume if its legal where you are then its ok, but how PayPal see it is another matter altogether…


reddit knife market

iOffer (eBay alternative)

iOffer seems to be like eBay’s buy it now with best offer options (it shows you the lowest offer a buyer was successful with unlike eBay). Many items from all over the world, many categories, takes credit cards can’t see a option for PayPal which might not be a bad thing. Also offers free listings. Always worth looking at a alternative.

Using BitCoin as a alternative to PayPal

When people start recommending the use of BitCoin as a alternative to your service you must surely know somethings up. BitCoin for all its faults (ease of use mostly) is a far safer alternative to PayPal (somhow), there are no risks of chargebacks and it is anonymous, also no one is turned away. Worth a look if you accepting donations or something, shame its not more widely used.

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