Example of eBay buyer behavior (Shipping costs)

Here is a quick example of the current state of mind of eBay buyers. Now take into account they know the cost of shipping BEFORE they bid on a item surely they have no grounds to moan after. There are some eBay rules about leaving negatives about shipping costs they don’t agree with AFTER they actually buy something, but eBay do not enforce them at all (whats new). This ones good because its a outright threat.

ebay buyer threatens bad negative feedback over shipping costs
Lets see eBay do nothing about this.

The rule : (pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/feedback-extortion.html)

“Buyer feels the postage & packaging (P&P) costs are too high and says they will leave negative Feedback or low DSRs unless the seller lowers the P&P costs.”

eBay buyer behavior example

Had a interesting example of how eBay buyers generally behave these days sent in this morning. In this example a buyer is angry because the seller never left him feedback fast enough, so he leaves the seller a neutral and comment which hints at why, now anyone left selling on eBay knows the feedback system is badly broken and not even worth having its 100% useless it does not reflect and just does not work anymore. Oddly buyers still seem to think its a wonderful system I can only presume because there is no “negative” side for them.



Seller actually wins a chargeback dispute (eBay/PayPal user horror story)

Short story about a seller who sells his item, only to have a chargeback done against him by the buyer outside of PayPal/eBay (Visa code 53?) for item not as described, which according to PayPal is not covered under their seller protection. The buyer was able to get the funds reversed apparently on the basis that the seller refused to send a replacement item before they returned the “defective?” item. However in the end the seller actually managed to win the dispute and got his money back from PayPal shows it can be done.



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