Craigslist madness

Ok, not eBay but I guess we could say its part owned so we should post it, this thread I found is very interesting it’s listing just some of the totally crazy incidents that have happened with people who have been conducting sales on Craigslist, and some of the stories are crazy, theirs serial killers, stalkers, prostitutes offered in part payments for a sofa (this happens alot apparently), crack for DVDs all sorts. I think its where all the eBay buyers end up or something.

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Good sellers, bad buyers – (book)

Stumbled across this and had to post it because I cannot believe there is actually a help book on the subject of how to deal with bad buyers. Has the problem really got that bad? has it really come to this? I think eBay need to listen and listen hard as it has got this bad. I’m sure the book is fine and all (the reviews are all good 4/5 out of 5), I’m just blown away that we actually need it! I bet if you look hard enough you can find this fine piece of work on a CD as a PDF possible even with digital delivery on your favorite auction site.. then you can dispute it and get it for free all for 99p!

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eBay you let it get this far…

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2 short eBay horror stories

2 small experiences of eBay from 2 sellers. One of them lost his store, again to the DSR problems relating to dispatch time (we all know how that really works) and the other about a buyer who refused to send back a “apparent” broken item.

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Rob the sign why not, like everything else.

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