PayPal “”lose”” $2500 somehow…

Strange story this, a user tries to transfer money to his PayPal account… it never makes it there. He used PayPals bank to bank transfer system to load the funds into his PayPal account. Although the transfer was accepted it seems the problem was not adding the account to PayPal first, yet it happily accepted the transfer? No neither the bank or PayPal know where the money has gone…


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Lucky Money – Cash, wire, bank transfers to the Philippines or Mexico (PayPal alternative)

Lucky Money (US or UK) – Is a payment transfer site for people wanting to transfer/send money to the Philippines or Mexico (US site only?). They have been around since 1991 and have many offices in the US and 1 I found in the UK. They only seem to transfer money to 2 places though from anywhere else. They accept credit cards and bank transfer. They have a door to door delivery service which claims to get your money to the other side in less than 6hrs. Might be worth a look if you’re in need of there very specialised services.

bank transfer to mexico or the phillipines

UK site =

US site =