When is a Top Rated seller not a Top Rated seller?

I was sent a little bit of info via the messaging system regarding eBay’s “Top Rated Seller” award program and its effects on listings. eBay promise “increased visibility” for your items in the best match category however theres a slight catch the listing must offer free postage it seems and also comply with some other listing stuff. Now why is this a problem you ask? well 2 things…

1) You worked hard for that badge it won’t show up on the all your listings.

2) If you add the postage cost into the end cost of item and mark it up as free postage eBays final value fee % payment increases.

eBay are basically taking a cut of the postage by forcing you to list this way, Which means more $ for eBay and less for you. Not really a good thing that is it.

ebay top rated seller scam dsr feedback
Proud to be… eBay bent over.

Items not showing up eBay search? See your Terms, its how it is

Are your items not showing up in eBay’s search? are you still being charged for them? wonder if you can get a refund from eBay? Well its in the new user agreement that all these things are your fault basically and you will not be getting a refund if for what ever reason eBay decide to make your listings invisible. Charging for something your not getting legal? I would think not but this is eBay we on about…

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Paying for nothing.. that’s good will go with all the none paying bidders too.

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