Another unhappy eBay user (raises some very good points)

Stumbled across this while Googling for our site, just looking about seeing whats happening in the great world of Google, anyhow found this “Why eBay should disappear tomorrow” lists a few good reasons that we shall mirror here, I found them because they credited a image from here so we are going to use their image which they got from here, which we prob got from somewhere else in some kind of sick imagecepetion joke :p

ebay problems complaints user horror story
eCeption! I know lame eh?

Link :

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A few comments from sellers that seem to have slipped by eBay’s forum eyes

Found a few comments in various threads on‘s (eBay US seller central) forum, that seem to have slipped by the eBay forum spies/mods/censors, eBay will remove anything even remotely negative about there wonderful utopia. I think these might have slipped because they was buried deep in replies to old threads (4/5th pages etc.) They do show some sellers thoughts about whats going on though.

ebay forums censored free speech hides complaints
eBay not a laughing matter

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The first post :p

Well not alot to say here, got sick and tired after being treated like crap by eBay over the years and its only going to get worse the last 2/3yrs have been the hardest. Seller of over 11yrs being forced out, and my story is not alone. The purpose of this site is to provide help, information to frustrated eBay sellers/buyers and alternative resources.

The age of eBay is coming to a end its transformation into a Amazon wannabe is well under way.

Anyone can send in there story and will post that up for the world to see, we will also be posting up the information that eBay don’t want you to have like where there offices are so you can mail in your complaints.