PayPal iPhone scam via CraigsList

Here’s quite a long text conversation taken during a PayPal scam on the 2nd hand item site CraigsList (like Gumtree), the scammer tries to get the sellers name, most likely to make there scammy PayPal look a like mail look a bit more legitimate, anyhow in this case sadly for the scammer they fail, but theirs a bit of comedy at the end which the scammer does not seem to understand.

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Kevin the pigeon, faster than Royal Mail.

Craigslist madness

Ok, not eBay but I guess we could say its part owned so we should post it, this thread I found is very interesting it’s listing just some of the totally crazy incidents that have happened with people who have been conducting sales on Craigslist, and some of the stories are crazy, theirs serial killers, stalkers, prostitutes offered in part payments for a sofa (this happens alot apparently), crack for DVDs all sorts. I think its where all the eBay buyers end up or something.

bad buyers, scams, craigslist, ipads, apple mac
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