PayPal Vs PayPal in PayPal dispute over PayPal hold on PayPals own funds

Yes as the title says, here is a really odd PayPal dispute/chargeback/robbed seller story. Basically in some countries PayPal have a temporary credit facility called “Pay me later” 30/90 day credit I think it is anyhow… someone bought a sellers laptop paid for it using this PayPal issued credit (using a fake ID of course), when the real person disputed it PayPal reversed the funds from… PayPal! now PayPal vowed to work with the buyers credit card company to get it sorted who are…. PayPal in this case! now PayPal also decided to issue the seller a chargeback fee from PayPal for PayPal! getting good this. Go read up and get confused.

paypal credit card fake id scam laptop apple
PayPal Vs PayPal in PayPal dispute, defiantly not your Pal but you will Pay!

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PayPal trying to force there MasterCard on sellers?

Interesting article here, a seller was basically forced to take the out the PayPal/eBay master card, when he never he was marked risk to the eBay community (note his 100% 12yr old feedback score) and his account was limited, the thing is he had no auctions going on that week and as usual eBay would not back down. I know that the PayPal branded card has had 2 launches in the past with it disappearing for a while then coming back rebranded so I have no idea what happened, from what I understand its a prepaid debit linked right into your PayPal account (more fees), I know in the US there is a eBay credit card also, the situation gets confusing with all the cross branding and bullsh*t.

ebay mastercard prepaid visa debit credit card paypal
Recipe for disaster.

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