PayPal trying to force there MasterCard on sellers?

Interesting article here, a seller was basically forced to take the out the PayPal/eBay master card, when he never he was marked risk to the eBay community (note his 100% 12yr old feedback score) and his account was limited, the thing is he had no auctions going on that week and as usual eBay would not back down. I know that the PayPal branded card has had 2 launches in the past with it disappearing for a while then coming back rebranded so I have no idea what happened, from what I understand its a prepaid debit linked right into your PayPal account (more fees), I know in the US there is a eBay credit card also, the situation gets confusing with all the cross branding and bullsh*t.

ebay mastercard prepaid visa debit credit card paypal
Recipe for disaster.

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