eBay VERO takedowns copyright/trademark issues

The VERO take down the ultimate weapon in big companies who don’t want you selling there goods 2nd hand or not could only exist in the world of eBay. Basically a huge company might not want you selling there items so they contact eBay, eBay then remove the items (genuine or not it don’t matter to them) with no proof or consultation, they then wait to here from the so called rights holder if its ok for you to sell that product of course thats not going to happen you just get ignored. I myself have fought off Microsoft twice, eBay don’t care though… no where else could a company force you to not sell goods/items you legally paid for as 2nd hand or used.

Luckily a site called Tabbers Tempations lists cases and issues and contains alot of very useful advice worth a read if your in that situation.