eBay user horror story : “HeWhoHasAnEar.com” 20yr+ customer

A reader of this site has left his story in the comments, a very well written post that I think deserves a bit more attention, so I am posting it on the front page. The story basically shows that even a eBay user for 20 years can get thrown away in a matter of a month over some dodgy eBay DSR maths in this case the defect rate. We all know the DSR system does not work and this proves it again.


Link : http://whyebaysucks.info/when-a-ebay-buyer-wont-leave-feedback-with-paypal-holds/#comment-35983

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When is a Top Rated seller not a Top Rated seller?

I was sent a little bit of info via the messaging system regarding eBay’s “Top Rated Seller” award program and its effects on listings. eBay promise “increased visibility” for your items in the best match category however theres a slight catch the listing must offer free postage it seems and also comply with some other listing stuff. Now why is this a problem you ask? well 2 things…

1) You worked hard for that badge it won’t show up on the all your listings.

2) If you add the postage cost into the end cost of item and mark it up as free postage eBays final value fee % payment increases.

eBay are basically taking a cut of the postage by forcing you to list this way, Which means more $ for eBay and less for you. Not really a good thing that is it.

ebay top rated seller scam dsr feedback
Proud to be… eBay bent over.

Interesting news from eBay about Russian and Brazilian buyers

Had to post this, I find this a bit worrying eBay has put out a announcement today that if buyers from Russia or Brazil leave a seller low DSR ratings in dispatch time  or neutral feedback eBay will remove it. What is eBay trying to say here? the announcement claims its a problem with customs, so why only these 2 countries what about the rest of the planet? Or is that just what there saying is there something else here? like a higher than average number of disputes? complaints? scams? I can’t figure this one out, it seems like the typical half-ass eBay problem bodge approach that’s not been very clearly thought out. It just seems very odd to me its 2 countries only.

ebay russian brazil customs news dsrs
Best Google images could come up with…


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2 stories highlighting well known problems with eBays feedback system

Had these 2 links sent in which have very detailed articles on various issues with eBay’s feedback system, they have been published on eBay UK in the “buying guides” that thing where people write about things (items mostly) to help other people with similar interests. Amazingly there still up, which is odd because eBay seems to have eyes everywhere, nothing bad can be said about the master after all. Defiantly worth a read.

ebay positive feedback sale abuse scam
Makes sense as usual with eBay…

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Bad Buyers list

Since eBay removed the ability for sellers to leave anything but negative feedback for buyers in I think 2009 (pages.ebay.com/services/forum/sellerprotection.html) has let buyers ran riot a huge increase in none payers, threats (feedback extortion) and other “f*ck you seller” behavior. With no way to fight back there are some pages online with bad buyer lists, but as we all know its not hard to a buyer to just open another account, not that they have to the way eBay thinks there gods anyhow.

Wonder how much of that was taxless?

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