Classified advert sites, a alternative to eBay & Co.

Just a quick post listing some of the classified sites out there. Might be useful to some people looking for a alternative to the big names eBay, Gumtree, VivaStreet, Loot & Craigslist. There are pro’s & con’s to listing on those kind of sites, biggest pro is that it’s free, biggest con is the traffic, but it’s worth a shot since its a free after all.

classified ad listings a alternative to ebay
Classified ads, making a comeback, I wonder why eBay…

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Facebook working on eBay alternative?

Found this interesting article in a UK paper not too long ago. The story being covered is that Facebook are rolling out more seller friendly search tools, options and pages. It’s not quite eBay yet more like a Facebook/Gumtree/Freecycle hybrid, but its any step away from eBay is a step in the right direction.

Link : – Russian auction site (eBay alternative) – Is a Russian language auction site, apparently its quite popular over there, I can’t find anything on the site and I can’t read it (Google translate made a even bigger mess of it). Seems to have buy it now style auctions and normal auctions, various online stores advertise on there for the Russian region I presume since there all in Russian too. With all the problems Russian buyers have or don’t have (that list would get big) with international eBay sites maybe it could be of use to them

Link : – eBay alternative – Is a site which sells goods/items on behalf of various agencies. Sometimes there stuff, sometimes lost items/stolen recovered etc.. Site is US based, takes PayPal and other better payment methods, was setup in 1999 so its been around a while. I was told some of the prices on some of the stuff is quite good, I assume due to the nature of there items and there service there’s not going to be much in the way of customer service and guarantee’s.

Link : – African eBay alternative

In a totally unrelated search stumbled across this which seems like some kind of African version of eBay. It’s in English (I don’t know what languages they speak down in Africa), they have there own payment system integrated with there local banks so no need for cards, they also take PayPal :/,  the fees seem lower than eBay (5%) there’s no upfront listing fee so that’s a plus.

Link :

Wiki article on the site :


Preloved – Classified Ad site

Came across this in a bit of junk mail, its that site that seems to pop up every time you search for anything and you end reading bits of peoples reviews (mostly car stuff). Well it seems they have themselves a classified ad site, theirs no fees so that’s a good start, its backed by a name that’s been around a while and it seems fairly active. Seems a bit of a alternative to Craigs List and Gumtree.

preloved vivastreet gumtree craigslist 2nd hand classified itemsLink : – CD, DVD, books and games trade site (eBay alternative) – Is one of those new breed of trading in your 2nd hand games, books, DVD’s and what ever else type sites. You put in the bar code and it comes back with a price you then package it and they collect or you send it off however its done. There are more and more of these style of sites appearing, I guess people don’t want the hassle of putting up each item and taking penny s in, why bother when you can clear a pile of crap, throw it in a box and get roughly the same as you would anywhere else with no work? They are saying they give free postage so worth a try? – eCommerce platform (eBay alternative) – Another all in one eCommerce ready to go shopping site setup type platform thing. Seems a bit costly for a small start-up at the cheapest option I can find on there site being £295 a month after a payment of £995. This platform seems strictly for the big time retailers. Can’t find any reviews online, and the features list is not too clear on what you get, you think it would be at that price. – Find new homes for things your done with (eBay alternative) – Was made aware of this site this morning via a message. It’s a eBay alternative which is working in London at the moment but will be expanding world wide soon. A different approach to payments is the use of a points system in place of money so no more payment processor issues (PayPal begone!). I am not sure how the points thing works exactly but its a start. The site basically bills itself as a clear out your house kind of thing, just normal people trading things like how eBay started out before it got ruined anyway take a look. – The Polish alternative eBay – A eBay alternative which is really popular in Poland, claims to have over 7 million users and a new registration every 16 seconds. The site is of course in Polish so its probably only of use to people actually in Poland or who can speak Polish.

Immensely popular in Poland, Allegro is ranked 192nd among the world’s most used online websites by Alexa Internet (4 December 2008) – compared to EBay UK at 98th and EBay Germany at 64th – prebuilt store commerce platform (eBay alternative) – Another one of those prebuilt modify to your needs type ecommerce platforms. This one seems to be a full cart system, with a little need to use HTML to edit it into your website, there is WordPress support I suspect via a plugin of some sort, Facebook, Twitter and oddly eBay are supported. Features a mobile version of the platform so thats a plus. This system might be more suited to someone with a site who needs a cart system adding on.


roman cart shopping cart platform gateway software for websites wordpress

Buffalo Exchange – New & Recycled fashion (eBay alternative) – A site which deals in retro, vintage, clothes, fashions & accessories. A good alternative to eBays 2nd hand clothes choice. It’s all about that vintage look, so hipsters will be very happy. They run a network of stores (locations) where you can walk in with your stuff and either trade it for other stuff (instore credit?) or just sell it to them for cash.

ebay alternative clothing retro thrift vintage

Buffalo Exchange is unique, because clothing and accessories are bought, sold and traded locally with store customers. Bring in your former favorites for trade or cash on the spot! Our ever-changing inventory includes designer labels, vintage, jeans, leather, current basics and one-of-a-kind items. You’ll also find brand new merchandise and accessories. – swap giftcards for cash (eBay/PayPal alternative) – Is a site which deals in the buying, selling & trading of unwanted giftcards for cash. You can either mail them you card for a payment (cant find much info on how) or go into one of their partner stores selectable by state (there US based) for instant cash payouts. Theres no info on the rates per card/$ value I think you would have to phone them to check first. Worth a look though if you’re just wanting cash and in a hurry.

trade giftcards for cash bestbuy, itunes, amazon, ebay, walmart, gamestop

Amazon Local (eBay alternative/daily deal)

Amazon local – Not quite a full on eBay alternative, I found out about it yesterday. It’s one of those mailing of local daily deals and coupons. My local deals (it seems to work it out from you IP or Amazon account details, not too sure which) were actually quite good which is different because these sort of sites tend to throw out crap. The UK one lists deals right out and the US one wants a email address.


US =

UK =

MakeUp Exchange – Swap shop for cosmetics peer 2 peer (eBay alternative)

Interesting idea, swap cosmetics and make up with other people who may have been given or got the wrong items. eBays rules on selling of cosmetics are quite flimsy and even if you comply you can just about guarantee there’s a VERO warning coming your way from some multi-national raving about trademark issues anyhow…

The places tag line :

“Received an eyeshadow palette that’s totally not your color? Accidentally bought foundation one shade too dark? Got a drawer full of makeup you will never use? Try your luck here before tossing it away!”

swap meet for cosmetics and make up