Comments from a story about ‘eBay millionaires’

Interesting story in the DailyMail a paper in the UK about a group of people who are eBay millionaires, about as likely as winning the lottery if the comments are anything to go by. We have mirrored them here, some are quite interesting from companies who wish to dump eBay even though there making ¬£1000’s a week, ¬†which just go to show how bad this situation is getting. The new “your paying for returns” has been mentioned as a factor also which is showing some people might actually read those eBay emails. I went thru ALL the comments (to try and paint a unbiased picture) on the story and there was only 2/3 on eBay’s side, game over.

ebay millionaires, ebay scammers, ebay powersellers
About as likely as a lotto win.

“It’s not if they screw you its when.”

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Anonymous contact form

Finally got the contact form working right, you do not need to give any personal information, name, email etc. and your comments stories will still be sent to us. Judging by the ever increasing traffic numbers theirs alot of people out there with similar problems so send them in, let the world know what eBay/PayPal did to you, warn others, work towards a solution if you can.

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Still not as broken as eBay