eBay 1 hour local shop delivery? (service called “eBay now”)

Just became aware of this odd sounding service over on eBay.com can’t see it on other eBay sites. From what it looks like eBay has hooked up and become some sort of 3rd party store front for other other big name stores (theirs a list in the FAQ). Whats even more puzzling is eBay say you will get your stuff in under 1 hour? they must be using some kind of local delivery system, anyhow why do we mention this? well think about it eBay has been about the big stores for a while now and this is taking that further again, means you as a small auction seller are no longer required, eBay has a huge customer base and is basically selling you to these other stores, using the leverage of there brand name to sell stuff on there behalf… think about where this will lead and why its happening. Other stores tried this around 1999/2000 and blew out in when the “dot com” bubble popped (some famous pet store I can recall and a super market chain)

ebay now ebay.com delivery options
Like the clock its only a matter of time…

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