eBay buyer demands refund with a gun, old but still… (2005)

Stumbled across this old post from 2005 about a buyer who purchased some glasses on eBay was not happy so went round the sellers house with a gun (although it was in the car). The story’s quite old 2005 and I can’t find anymore on it, but the comments from other eBay users even in 2005 (there are some comments going up to 2013) don’t look too good, seems not alot changed then it just got worse.

Not as described, hand too big.

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EBAY MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – A MUST read. (eBay user horror story)

disgruntledseller.3owl.com/¬†–¬†EBAY MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – 1 mans story that I can bet you have had at least 2/3 or even maybe more of the same issues as him, it is a must read, loads of detail of the problems a honest, normal hard working person had to battle through with crazy eBay buyers and staff, I don’t know how anyone could possible keep there sanity through all of it. Sadly his story is VERY common and getting more common as every week passes. Seriously read this before it happens to you, its not “if” its “when”


ebay scam, fraud, seller help
the greatest scam of all on eBay IS eBay!!!

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