Buffalo Exchange – New & Recycled fashion (eBay alternative)

¬†Buffaloexchange.com – A site which deals in retro, vintage,¬†clothes, fashions & accessories. A good alternative to eBays 2nd hand¬†clothes choice. It’s all about that vintage look, so hipsters will be very happy. They run a network of stores (locations) where you can walk in with your stuff and either trade it for other stuff (instore credit?) or just sell it to them for cash.

ebay alternative clothing retro thrift vintage


Buffalo Exchange is unique, because clothing and accessories are bought, sold and traded locally with store customers. Bring in your former favorites for trade or cash on the spot! Our ever-changing inventory includes designer labels, vintage, jeans, leather, current basics and one-of-a-kind items. You’ll also find brand new merchandise and accessories.