When a ebay buyer won’t leave feedback with PayPal holds

Thanks to the people at eBay who made the decision to put holds on people’s payments until they get feedback for a item or a set number of items, this problem has sprung up. In you could in theory sell a 100+ items but if no one would leave you feedback you stuck waiting on the money, money you could badly need, you are after all running a business. Well take a look at the following picture, it shows a eBay seller constantly asking for feedback and not getting it as far as I know until he loses it :

ebay seller demands positive feedback

In his case it seems he has under 25 positive feedbacks and PayPal are holding his money until he gets to 25+. See the problem there?

eBay user horror story : Chinese competition feedback abuse

A short tale of what happened to a eBay user who used to make a ok living selling websites on eBay, basically what happened was Chinese sellers moved in, bid on his auctions abused the DSR (detailed seller rating) system giving him all 1 stars & negative feedback to drive him out of business, eBay was not interested in helping him, although it would be very easy for them to see what was happening.


ebay dsr abuse negative feedback
Cant see it? not happening?

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Another fine example of how eBay allow buyers to cost sellers.

Had these very interesting screenshots sent in, there the feedback pages from a seller who at the time had over 3000 items listed, you will notice a reoccurring theme, mainly items not turning up, yet the buyer signed for them? my favorite is 1 incident where a buyer has opened a case against the seller, lost and then left negative feedback about it, how can eBay allow that? the buyers claim was found to be BS so how come the sellers still suffering for it???

Because there eBay users that’s just what they do.

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2 stories highlighting well known problems with eBays feedback system

Had these 2 links sent in which have very detailed articles on various issues with eBay’s feedback system, they have been published on eBay UK in the “buying guides” that thing where people write about things (items mostly) to help other people with similar interests. Amazingly there still up, which is odd because eBay seems to have eyes everywhere, nothing bad can be said about the master after all. Defiantly worth a read.

ebay positive feedback sale abuse scam
Makes sense as usual with eBay…

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eBay buyer behavior example

Had a interesting example of how eBay buyers generally behave these days sent in this morning. In this example a buyer is angry because the seller never left him feedback fast enough, so he leaves the seller a neutral and comment which hints at why, now anyone left selling on eBay knows the feedback system is badly broken and not even worth having its 100% useless it does not reflect and just does not work anymore. Oddly buyers still seem to think its a wonderful system I can only presume because there is no “negative” side for them.



eBay’s falling traffic, sales and just about everything else

While trying to find some articles, graphs and other nice things that could backup my theory on eBay’s falling number of sales/sellers I came across a number of articles, some a few years old some written this month which show that eBay has had falling visitors (buyers & sellers?), lower online traffic, sales slowing down and a lack of confidence in general of eBay. The fact some of these articles date back to 2008/9 to today (found some that were even this week) shows this problem is not new and only getting worse.

Or not … it does not really matter… eBay don’t care.

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