eBay buyer and the soggy shirt

Found this strange eBay buyer, who actually wants to return a shirt to a seller because it “makes him sweat too much” I can’t figure out how the shirt does this. His had if for 60 days at this point too so there is that, and I am not sure sweating in it is a reason for a dispute but you know eBay buyers…

ebay returns dispute worn cloths shirt
eBay a work out in itself

Here’s what the buyer has to say :

“I know it’s been some time since I bought this but would you consider allowing me to return this shirt. I break out into a sweat when wearing this & this is not good for my health since I do have a heart problem. Thank you.”

Source :redd.it/1pnkzm

Example of eBay buyer behavior (does not end as you would expect)

A strange example of eBay buyer behavior this, buyer buys a cable it gets lost in the post, the seller has the tracking info and all is true, seller refunds the buyer, now the buyer does not know what kind of feedback to leave and says they know it was not the sellers fault. Now if only the other 9/10 idiots who lurk on eBay would take note of this, the post is beyond the control of the seller!

ebay lost in post dispute feedback
Really that needs a whole site to itself…

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Interesting news from eBay about Russian and Brazilian buyers

Had to post this, I find this a bit worrying eBay has put out a announcement today that if buyers from Russia or Brazil leave a seller low DSR ratings in dispatch time  or neutral feedback eBay will remove it. What is eBay trying to say here? the announcement claims its a problem with customs, so why only these 2 countries what about the rest of the planet? Or is that just what there saying is there something else here? like a higher than average number of disputes? complaints? scams? I can’t figure this one out, it seems like the typical half-ass eBay problem bodge approach that’s not been very clearly thought out. It just seems very odd to me its 2 countries only.

ebay russian brazil customs news dsrs
Best Google images could come up with…


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A fee for ending your eBay listing early?

A new one on me this only found out this morning, eBay charge a fee for a seller ending there auction early, as usual theirs not much info on this in eBay’s help pages (wonder why) and forum posts on eBay’s forums are all dead links now (I wonder who did that?). The charge is equal to the amount of the auction when you ended it (final value fee). This just seems like a pure scam, there could be many reasons to end a auction early that are legitimate, eBay just assume there losing something, you do get 1 free end per 12 months though, I can’t see how this works when you have already paid a insertion fee. Is it even legal?

The only way is up.

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Ongoing study “eBay user feedback abusive users”

A little on going study which I will soon be publishing the results of, recently I noticed something a little odd 80%-90% of the time when a seller gets a negative feedback I found it to be left by a relatively new eBay users. Looking into this a bit more I found that the majority of accounts who were leaving bad feedback were registered in 2011 & 2012. I believe there’s some kind of connection there, I think that either new buyers don’t really understand eBay’s feedback and the problems it can cause a seller, or there old sellers who were screwed by the system so are striking back. Older eBay accounts were much more likely to not leave any feedback at all.