PayPal user horror story : “We froze your account but you can have a loan!”

Found this rather confusing post today, a company had $20,000 ish in their PayPal account it was their primary payment processor (mistake 1), PayPal at some point decides its a awesome idea to freeze the account with $20K in it, after the company had only had the account a month. After a few months the company starts getting offers/adverts/communications for a so called PayPal “working capital loan” a type of business loan you pay back via your transactions. Now how can PayPal mark your account as a risk and freeze your funds yet say your account is good enough for a loan????


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Web designer screwed by PayPal “Friendly Fraud” AKA Chargeback

Digital goods and PayPal just don’t go, we know that, but what about services? seems there not protected either if this is anything to go by. Here we have a story of a web designer who did everything right and everything went wrong, even when PayPal was presented with the huge string of back and forth emails between the 2 parties which made note the client was happy and then the email which was basically saying i’m going to scam you ha! PayPal even tried to weasel there way out over definitions of wording, you try that with them and see how they react very 1 sided. In the end PayPal decided to not chase the designer for the money but he still loses the money.


paypal alternative chargeback scam fraud
None relevant image but still full of hatred.

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How to NEVER get suspended again from PayPal or eBay again! (BuyVCC guide)

A guide all about 1 mans quest after he kept getting his eBay/PayPal accounts suspended or limited. It’s writtern by the 1 of the guys over at who offer accounts and help for people who eBay/PayPal have wronged, we have covered there services/solutions before and they do come recommended. The following guide shows how and why accounts get limited/suspended and how to avoid those problems and solve them.


ebay account suspended banned frozen mc999 paypal limited

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Paypal user horror story (20/04/13)

I don’t quite understand what is going on with this users story its quite complex as most things involving PayPal, I am sure confusing a user is part of there game. Anyway this user sells software products online and due to his country’s banking laws (India) he must be paid out every day since its illegal to keep a balance in PayPal (a good idea!) except that for some bizarre reason PayPal run the funds thru a series of US$ to INR (and back?) which results in a very poor payout rate (but good for PayPal) for the user and even more issues. Story mirrored below.

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