On eBay or off? The listed “elsewhere” dilemma

Pops up allot this, usually in the motors section. I am sure at some point everyone’s seen a listing with something along the lines of “Reserve the right to end early as listed elsewhere”. The question is who is right in this situation? If the item has no bids and is still running and you sell it somewhere else then yes I can see ending it early as being ok, however what if the item has bids? sure you can cancel them and there are many eBay rules about this (cant end in last 12hrs, cant end with bids in last 24hrs etc.) including the new charge one but that’s not going to help, and finally what as what has been sent in here what happens if you had the item as a “Buy it now” and it sells while you have sold it off somewhere else? There’s basically nothing you can do.

All too common and getting more common now things are falling to bits over at the wonderland that is eBay.